Marriage is near! Oswald” Ito & “Frog Tei” Iwakura discovered in “Yanaka Ginza” and followed them there… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Marriage is near! Oswald” Ito & “Frog Tei” Iwakura discovered in “Yanaka Ginza” and followed them there…

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Frog Pavilion” Iwakura responding to a shopper’s request for a photo.

Yanaka Ginza shopping street (Taito Ward), one of the famous tourist attractions in downtown Tokyo, was visited by many tourists on this day. About 60 stores line the 170-meter-long street, and some of them have long lines of customers. One of them, selling the famous menchi-katsu (fried pork cutlets), had a large crowd in front of it.

At the center of the crowd were Shunsuke Ito, 33, of “Oswald” and Iwakura, 33, of “Frog Tei. The two men were bending forward in good humor and looking at something while eating their menchikatsu. It was the autographs of many celebrities lined up in front of the restaurant.

Were they two lovers enjoying a downtown date on their day off? But there was also a person who looked like a comedian, and he was holding a microphone. Upon closer inspection, I found that he was Morimoto Cider (34), a pin comedian affiliated with Shochiku Entertainments. The three had been sharing a room with four other people, including Otsuru Masse (31) of “Mama Tart” fame, until the end of 2009.

On the day of the event, the four were appearing regularly on the program “Yokatoko Hakken! Frog Tei Iwakura Shadan – Ito, Obesity, and Cider -” (TV Miyazaki). It is a local late-night program that has been aired on TV Miyazaki since April 2010, in which the four discover and introduce the good things about Miyazaki, where Mr. Iwakura is from. On that day, Mr. Otsuru was not present, but the three of them strolled around Yanaka shopping district and introduced it,” said a person involved in commercial variety shows.

Cider held the microphone while Ito and Iwakura talked to shopkeepers and passersby, asking them about the best parts of Yanaka Ginza.

When the camera stopped, Mr. Ito politely asked people on the street, “May I interview you later? During that time, Mr. Iwakura was approached by many people and had his picture taken with them. They were both very friendly and had an aura of celebrities, more so than I had expected, just as I had seen on TV (laughs).

The location shooting continued for a while, but Ito said, “Oh no, we’ve run out of time,

Oh no, we’re running out of time. I have to go. Thank you very much, everyone.

The film crew quickly left. In January of this year, Nikkan Sports reported that Ito and Iwakura were “getting married within the year,” and Ito was asked about the report during a live program he appeared in on the same day,

Ito replied, “There is nothing to ask. It’s a hoax. We are definitely dating, but I haven’t decided when.

When asked about marriage again at an event for her first essay, “Once I Write” (KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.), held in Tokyo on August 8, she replied, “I’ll tell you when I get married!

I will tell you when I get married!

Her tone was clearly closer to marriage than in January.

Iwakura (left), Ito (center), and Morimoto Cider (right) look at celebrity autographs displayed in a storefront.
Ito and Iwakura on location in Yanaka Shopping Arcade
Ito and Iwakura on location in Yanaka Shopping Arcade

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