Celebrating the birth of her first child, Announcer Natsuki Taki: “Lovey-dovey hand-holding date” with her handsome husband seen only in this magazine | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebrating the birth of her first child, Announcer Natsuki Taki: “Lovey-dovey hand-holding date” with her handsome husband seen only in this magazine

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In the fall of 2009, before the announcement of their marriage, the two were enjoying a date on good terms. Holding each other’s hands tightly, they headed for the Sky Tree.

On April 16, she wrote of her joy at the birth of her first child: “I know I am still unreliable, but I hope we can grow together step by step as a baby 0 years old and a mother 0 years old.

On April 16, NTV announcer Natsuki Taki, 29, wrote the following about the joy of giving birth to her first child. Speaking of Natsuki Taki, she announced her marriage live on “Hirunandes” at the end of April last year, for which she served as an assistant. In November, she announced that she was pregnant on the same program.

In December of last year, she graduated from “Hirunandes” and went on maternity leave. Taki, who is very dedicated to her work and said she wanted to continue working until the very last minute during her pregnancy, may want to return to work right away, but we hope she will put her and her child’s health first and cherish her family time.

This magazine witnessed Taki on a pre-marital date. The following is a reproduction of the article from that time (October 22/29, 2009 issue) (age, title, etc. remain as they were at the time).

Hand-in-hand date without worrying about being seen

It was late afternoon on an autumn day in Taito Ward, Asakusa, Tokyo, on a day that was the first midsummer’s day in many years. I spotted a couple of purists walking near the Kaminarimon gate in Asakusa (Taito Ward). The beautiful woman is Natsuki Taki, 28, an announcer for Nippon Television Network Corporation. Behind her is a handsome, dark-haired man with a neat face, snugly attached to her. The two are enjoying their shopping, stopping at Uniqlo and Don Quijote.

Speaking of Anna Taki, when she was a student at Waseda University in ’12, she won the grand prix in the “Fresh Campus Contest,” a beauty contest to determine the best freshman at the university in Japan. In 2005, the year after she joined the company, she became the main assistant on Nippon TV’s flagship daytime program “Hirunandes! a flagship daytime program of Nittele.

After enjoying a stroll in Asakusa, they crossed the Sumida River and went to a Japanese sweets shop, where they enjoyed a sweet treat for about an hour before heading to Sumida Park, which was crowded with families and couples just before sunset. The two, seemingly unconcerned about being seen, leaned in close and held each other’s hands. They continued on to the Skytree and wandered around Tokyo Solamachi. Finally, they went to a nearby supermarket to buy groceries and returned to their apartment in central Tokyo.

During the date, they frequently held hands and occasionally smiled innocently while swaying their arms back and forth, and Anna Taki seemed to be completely smitten. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, seemed to be in a very friendly mood as he put his hand around Taki’s back and gently stroked it. Who is this man who has won the heart of a popular TV announcer?

He is Mr. A, who is one year older than me and works for a general company. We were classmates at the university and often hung out with mutual friends since we were students. We started dating about two years ago. After graduation, we continued to get together in the same group on many occasions, and it seems that we became attracted to each other.

After that, the two were seen going to work from the same apartment two days in a row. On both days, Mr. A left first, and then Taki left after a short pause. On the other hand, on the other day, we also witnessed Ms. A going in and out alone while Anna Taki was appearing on Instagram live at Nippon TV. Is their relationship so advanced that they are giving each other duplicate keys?

To find out, we directly interviewed Takiaki to confirm the facts.

-She was seen on a date in Asakusa and returning to her apartment together. Are you dating a man?

‘Well, …… that …… I’m sorry, I can’t talk about those things from my own mouth. ……

-Are you not, in fact, already married or something like that?

Oh, it’s not like that. ……

-Are you sure that you are in a relationship for the future?

I can’t talk about that either. I apologize for coming so early in the morning.”

After saying this, he got into a cab and drove away.

Taki Anna had been quietly nurturing her love despite her busy schedule. Judging from their intimate relationship, it may not be long before we hear good news.

We met in front of the bureau a little after noon and headed directly to Asakusa. They enjoyed a six-hour date, including stops at a Japanese sweets shop and Don Quijote.
The two held each other’s hands firmly without being seen. Takiaki was all smiles throughout the date.
At one point, her boyfriend put his hand behind Takiaki’s back and gently escorted her.
At the end of the date, they went shopping together at a supermarket. They went back to their apartment in Tokyo together.
Taki answered directly with a smile. She was polite to the end.
From Taki Anna’s Instagram
From Taki’s Instagram
From Taki’s Instagram
From Taki’s Instagram
From Kiyotaka Minamihara’s Instagram
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