Investigation Continues with Arrest of “Partner” of “Gaasyy-ch,” Locating Suspect Gaasy and “More Arrests” to be Made. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Investigation Continues with Arrest of “Partner” of “Gaasyy-ch,” Locating Suspect Gaasy and “More Arrests” to be Made.

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Suspect Gershey has a warrant out for his arrest on suspicion of using YouTube and other online tools to threaten and defame (from his official YouTube channel)

On April 14, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Shunsuke Ikeda, a suspect for whom an arrest warrant had been issued on suspicion of defamation, etc., for conspiring with Gershey (real name: Yoshikazu Higashitani) to defame a jewelry designer, upon his return to Japan from Dubai.

Ikeda received a “passport return order” from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 24th of last month, and since the deadline for returning his passport was the 14th, he is believed to have returned to Japan just in time to be arrested. The suspect’s passport had already been revoked as of the 12th.

Ikeda is a former Osaka Prefectural Police officer who now runs a company. He and Ikeda launched “Gaasyy-ch” together and were also in charge of video production and editing.

Although he did not directly commit the defamation, a warrant was issued for his arrest as a co-conspirator with Gershey. He is a member of the “Gershey family,” who has been teased by Gershey, who called him “Concent Ikeda” because he accidentally unplugged a plug during a live broadcast of Gershey’s videos in the past. He is a member of the “Garcy Family.

On April 14, FC2 founder Rihiro Takahashi, also a member of the “Gershey family,” updated his Twitter account.

Oh no! Ikeda-san arrested. I have met Ikeda-san several times, and my personal opinion is that he is a warm and pleasant person. I don’t think he is a criminal.

I heard briefly that he was editing Mr. Garcie’s videos, but what is his crime? Is it aiding and abetting? Anyone who knows more about this?

said Ikeda, surprised at the suspect’s arrest.

Then Romi Hoshino, founder of the pirate site “Manga-mura” (now closed), said

He is a co-criminal, which means he is an accomplice of Mr. Garcie.

He responded, “I am a co-criminal.

Ghasi is believed to be in the UAE, and the police authorities have requested an international APB with the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO=Interpol). This time, Ghassi is believed to be a “Blue Warrant” requesting information.

The ICPO will not investigate or detain him, but only share information with the Japanese police. There will probably be no progress. Although the number of members of the online salon has decreased since Gershie quit the exposure, the suspect has more than enough income.

He lives a comfortable life, playing 8 hours of video games a day and wakesurfing; his TikTok and Tweekas accounts have been suspended, and his Instagram has deleted all previous posts. It is safe to say that he has “lost his fangs. He has lost his passport and cannot return to Japan, but he is not going to turn himself in. His family and friends may become the target of more and more investigations and arrests, and he may become a victim. It is extremely irresponsible.

The arrest of Ikeda is expected to lead to further interrogations and house searches. The analysis of the cell phone may also reveal information about Gershey.

It remains to be seen whether or not Ikeda will be charged, but we can get information and statements from him by arresting him. The possibility of dispatching investigators from Japan is also being considered, and if their whereabouts are known, it may be possible to detain Gershey.

Gershie is the main suspect. We cannot leave a model case of a suspect fleeing abroad to live a comfortable life like that. They must want to arrest him at any cost.

Until recently, Gershie was a member of the Diet. How long will he be able to remain on the run?

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