Takashi Tachibana declares war on “Politician Girl 48” Ayaka Otsu…police are interested and there is a possibility of a “big donut”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Takashi Tachibana declares war on “Politician Girl 48” Ayaka Otsu…police are interested and there is a possibility of a “big donut”.

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Former NHK Party leader Takashi Tachibana is in a dispute with Ayaka Otsu over the leadership of the “Political Women’s 48 Party.

The “Political Women’s 48 Party,” which was renamed from the NHK Party, is engaged in a mud-slinging family dispute.

On March 8, Takashi Tachibana of the former NHK Party resigned as party leader, taking responsibility for a series of girly disturbances. The party changed its name and appointed Ayaka Otsu as the new party leader.

Immediately afterwards, however, there was a disagreement over such issues as the holding of a political fund party. Mr. Tachibana requested that Ms. Otsu vacate her position as party leader, but Ms. Otsu stubbornly resisted, so the party expelled her from the party and submitted a notice of change to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), replacing Ms. Otsu as party leader with Kenichiro Saito, a member of the upper house of the Diet.

Mr. Otsu, on the other hand, claims that the notification of change is invalid. At this time, the MIC has put the notification of change on hold.

Furthermore, Mr. Otsu has announced the establishment of a third-party committee consisting of people from the police department, claiming that there are unclear points regarding the flow of money under Mr. Tachibana’s regime.

The issue of politics and money is causing distrust in politics. Depending on the results of the investigation, the situation will become unacceptable.

The committee is prepared to pursue the matter thoroughly.

Tachibana must feel as if his dog had bitten his hand. Otsu’s side has been embroiled in a bitter family feud with the “anti-Tachibana faction” of the former NHK party. Mr. Tachibana has proposed a settlement and asked Mr. Otsu to give up his position, but there is no sign that Mr. Otsu will accept it.

In a YouTube video released on March 13, Tachibana, exasperated, reported that the settlement negotiations had broken down and declared war on Otsu, saying, “I still call myself the leader of the party.

He said, “I will thoroughly denounce Ms. Ayaka Otsu, who still calls herself the leader of the party. We have spoiled her too much until now.

He said, “I have spoiled her too much up to now,

She has too little knowledge of the law, or rather, she is a person who interprets the law in a convenient manner.

Otsu’s criticisms.

He also criticized Mr. Otsu’s plan to run for the Meguro Ward Council following the Kanagawa Prefecture gubernatorial election, saying, “He is a man who really lives in Meguro Ward.

“Do you really live in Meguro Ward?”

he asked, in a meaningful rebuke. A source who knows Mr. Tachibana said, “Mr. Tachibana is a complete ‘no-brainer.

Tachibana is in full “battle mode,” said a source familiar with Tachibana. He will probably use the media and social networking sites to attack Mr. Otsu in the future. He may even use his private life as an opportunity to make his private life a flashpoint.

However, the more aggressive Mr. Tachibana becomes, the more likely a major reversal of fortune will occur.

By March 23, Tachibana had been convicted of obstructing NHK’s business by illegally obtaining subscriber information and threatening to spread it on the Internet, a crime for which he was sentenced to two years and six months in prison with a four-year suspended sentence.

He said, “Simply put, I am reaching for incarceration. Although he will not be charged with any crimes dating back to the past, he will be held responsible for any criminal cases that occurred after March 23, when the verdict was finalized. In other words, if she becomes too emotional toward Mr. Otsu and makes threats, she may file a complaint with the police.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Gershey (Yoshikazu Azumaya), a suspect who used to be a pawn in the case, for violating the Violent Acts Punishment Law (habitual threats) by threatening the actor. According to some reports, Japanese investigative agencies may go to Dubai authorities to request their cooperation after the Golden Week holidays in May.

The Japanese police do not have a good impression of Mr. Tachibana as well as the Ghasi suspect,” said one report. The Japanese police do not have a good impression of Mr. Tachibana as well as of Gershie, because Mr. Tachibana’s explanation for Gershie’s return to Japan changed two or three times, causing confusion.

There are other bitter feelings as well. The authorities are interested in the infighting within the 48 political parties, especially the “flow of money” that Mr. Otsu is trying to expose,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

The future is always in the dark in Nagata-cho. I can’t help but feel that an unexpected end is awaiting us along with the Gershey suspect. ……

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