Mito Mami’s Marriage Threatens the Existence of the Mizutokai? The biggest faction in the announcing world, “Mizuto-kai”, will be taken over by “that female announcer”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mito Mami’s Marriage Threatens the Existence of the Mizutokai? The biggest faction in the announcing world, “Mizuto-kai”, will be taken over by “that female announcer”.

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Nippon TV’s ace announcer Mami Mizuto-kai, the leader of the largest faction, the Mizuto-kai

The “Mizutokai,” known as the largest faction in the female TV announcer world, is in danger of disappearing.

The “Mizutokai” was formed at the behest of NTV ace Mami Mizuto (35). Initially, it was a dinner club for relaxation, but as Mizuto’s popularity grew, the number of people wishing to join increased. Before they knew it, the group had grown to a size that was unprecedented among commercial key stations. The members of the group can be found at …….

The core of the group is Erika Tokushima, Kyoko Gunji, and Nozomi Iwamoto. Other members include Natsuki Taki, Reina Ichiki, Erina Iwata, and Miyu Kuroda, bringing the total number of participants to over 20. Yumiko Arido, who moved to Nippon TV from NHK, also appears to be a member of the group.

The reason why the Mizuto-kai has attracted attention both inside and outside the station is not only because of the large number of female announcers who participate in it.

Female producers and directors in the production department are also members. Sometimes, executives at the bureau chief level are invited, and it is rumored that they have a great influence on personnel matters within the bureau as well.

Too busy to balance work and family

The “Mizuto-kai” is said to be on the verge of extinction. The reason behind this is Mizuto’s marriage: on March 25, she announced her marriage to actor Nakamura Rinya (36). The marriage is said to have raised fears that Mizuto’s independence may be threatened.

She said, “Naturally, being married, she will have to take care of her family as well as her work. Mizuto Mizuto is currently extremely busy. Her program “ZIP” has been extended by one hour, making her even busier than before. It is difficult for her to balance her work with her family, so there are rumors that she is going independent.

On the other hand, Mizuto has an excellent reputation. Even if she becomes independent, she will probably be able to get commercials and other work right away. If they were to work together as a couple, they would be in great demand. If she goes freelance, she will have more free time than a station announcer, and she will be able to balance her work with her family. There is no reason not to go independent.

If Mizuto becomes a freelancer, the focus will be on who will take over the “Mizuto-kai” (Mizuto association). A Nippon TV executive said.

A Nittele executive said, “The ‘Mizutokai’ has become an indispensable group for maintaining a good atmosphere at the station. That’s how influential the Mizuto-kai is. It is no wonder that Mizutokai is a candidate to replace Mizuto as Nippon TV’s ace.

Who will be the next chairman of the Mizutokai? The person who is said to be closest to the “post-Mizuto” position is Iwata, who used to be the MC of “Sukkiri”.

Mizuto is the one who is pushing for Iwata. The reason is that Iwata is a junior at Shibuya Makuhari High School, Mizuto’s alma mater. They also have many things in common, such as the fact that they both graduated from the same university, Keio University’s Faculty of Letters. Mizuto has been consulting with Iwata on various matters since before Iwata joined the company. Iwata is also friends with Mizuto’s husband, Mr. Nakamura. It is said that Iwata is open to taking over the Mizuto-kai.

The future of the “Mizuto-kai” is likely to change greatly depending on the departure of Iwata. Not only within Nippon TV, but also the entire TV industry is paying close attention to the situation.


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