Arrested for marijuana possession! Former porn star Rina Aoki speaks out, “Akie Abe also said that marijuana is necessary…” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Arrested for marijuana possession! Former porn star Rina Aoki speaks out, “Akie Abe also said that marijuana is necessary…”

Rina Aoki, who is also Megumi Oishi's younger sister, spoke out about the "legalization of marijuana" just before her incarceration!

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Before his incarceration, he said, “I want to somehow advocate for the legalization of marijuana.”

I’ve lived my whole life in a place where it’s either dead or alive,” he said. Then I felt that marijuana is really necessary for human beings, and I felt I had to come out and deliver that message. Even if I go to prison, I want to deliver that message.

Digital creator Rina Aoki, 45, says so enthusiastically. She was arrested last May on suspicion of violating the Marijuana Control Law (possession) for having about 12 grams of marijuana in her home, and is currently out on bail for treatment at a support facility. She was active as a sexy actress “Kanon Amamiya” about 20 years ago, and at that time it was reported that she was the half-sister of Megumi Oishi (50), a former weathercaster and wife of hyde (54) of “L’Arc~en~Ciel.

Akie Abe’s words were encouraging to me.”

Even before her arrest and long after she was released on bail, she has been calling for the legalization of marijuana, including medical marijuana, on Instagram live. The series of actions have tended to be spurred on by Akie Abe’s comments on the legalization of marijuana, which spurred her to become even more aggressive. Since he is scheduled to be imprisoned again on April 18, he wants to make his point once more just before that date.

He said, “The ban on marijuana is now being lifted worldwide, and in many developed countries, marijuana is becoming OK. In fact, marijuana has the effect of making people feel calm and joyful by erasing pain and negative emotions. I think that for the government to take that away from people could be in the realm of human rights violations. As Akie Abe said, I think it is not right to not allow the use of marijuana as a medicine, or even its cultivation and use as an agricultural, food, and industrial resource. I really understand Ms. Abe’s opinion that the ban on marijuana should be lifted and that marijuana is necessary.”

Akie Abe’s “marijuana prohibition theory” refers to an interview she gave to a weekly magazine in 2003, in which she called for the revival of marijuana culture and its use in medicine, which has been used as an industrial crop in Japan since ancient times. Akie was the wife of the prime minister at the time, and the proposal caused quite a stir as a stir in Japan’s legal system. Aoki agreed with the opinion, and was also encouraged by the opinions of those in a position to do so, which led him to be driven by a further mission to advocate for the “legalization of marijuana.

The Japanese people have lived with marijuana throughout their history, and now their culture has been taken away from them. I believe that I am connected to Mr. Abe in my advocacy, and I hope that my being out in the open will encourage the marijuana proponents, who until now have kept their mouths shut, to become more active. I am sure Mr. Abe will support me once he learns of my existence.”

I somehow want to meet my sister (Megumi Oishi) once…”

The reason Aoki has become so devoted to lifting the ban on marijuana has to do with her life up to that point, which she describes as “like a living hell. During her junior high school judo club days, she suffered from cerebrospinal fluid hypovolemia, fibromyalgia, and higher brain dysfunction due to the aftereffects of an accident while practicing the backstroke throw. The chronic pain throughout her body could not be cured at any hospital in Japan, and she has lived with the pain for 30 years. He once turned to methamphetamines to escape his mental and physical pain, and was once admitted to the psychiatric department of a hospital.

I chose to put my life before the law. Through my own life, I wonder how many lives could have been saved if there had been the choice of medical marijuana for those who are suffering and wondering whether or not to die right now. I want to bring back to life or revive people who are about to die like I did in the past. I believe that everyone should receive this benefit equally, and it is my mission to convey this to others, as I have managed to live this long.

Aoki says that even if he goes to prison in the future, he would like to continue communicating from within the prison. One of the things he would like to do before his incarceration is to meet his half-sister, Megumi Oishi, whom he has never met.

Oishi-san is my wife’s child. My mother had an affair, so I was a shady child from birth. I was a fan of Lark, so I always thought that it would be nice if my sister married hyde, and I wanted her to be happy. I know I’m going to cause trouble for her because I’m a celebrity, but I really want to go visit the graves of hyde, my sister, and my father. Well, unless a miracle happens, it won’t be possible (laughs).”

I wonder what Akie Abe thinks of her words. ……

Just before her imprisonment, Aoki appealed to this magazine for the legalization of marijuana. She is also the sister of Megumi Oishi

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