From penniless to 8 billion yen in assets…! Tsubasa Yozawa reveals “How I make money”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

From penniless to 8 billion yen in assets…! Tsubasa Yozawa reveals “How I make money”.

Special Interview with Tsubasa Yozawa, whose book, "Money Loves True Investment" has become a hot topic of conversation, is currently living comfortably with his family in his 550 million yen mansion in Dubai.

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He has about 4.5 billion yen in real estate, 1 billion yen in cash, 700 million yen in stocks, 1.1 billion yen in bonds and insurance, and 1.5 billion yen in virtual currency. ……

In just seven years since he was left penniless by the bankruptcy of his company, Tsubasa Yosawa, 38, has amassed more than 8 billion yen in assets. In April of this year, he built a 550 million yen mansion in a prime location in Dubai, where he and his family of four are living a comfortable life. However, although the fact that he “came back from nothing to make a big comeback” is well known, little is known about “how he made it.

Mr. Yosawa, whose book “Money Loves True Investing” was published on October 18 and is now the talk of the town, reveals how he made his money.

At his home in Dubai. His wife and son had been in Bangkok for a long time, but in September this year, the family of four finally started living together.

“After experiencing bankruptcy in 2002, I moved to Singapore and created 30 million yen in seed money through affiliate marketing and paid mail magazines. I plunged it all into FX and Nikkei leveraged ETFs. Partly due to the influence of going to casinos in Singapore three times a week, I leveraged a lot in FX and gambled a lot.

On the other hand, I also thought about how to avoid losing, and adopted the “trailing stop” system, which automatically raises the stop (stop price) when the unrealized profit expands. Even if I made a profit, I would withdraw from the market when the unrealized profit dropped to zero. I repeated this process with high leverage over and over again until I found a phase where I could extend my profits with low risk. The most important thing is not to deposit additional money when you are losing. When emotions run high, people have a psychological urge to ‘get it back’ and get stuck in a trap.

The 30 million yen has grown to 100 million yen in three years. However, such gambling-like investments did not last long.

However, such gambling investments didn’t last long: “Everyone makes one mistake in 100 attempts. In gambling investments, if that one mistake is a fatal one, it can be fatal. At the time, I was always frustrated, and I often hit my wife hard. It was hard to say that I was happy. So around 2005, I switched to stocks as a long-term investment. After I moved to Singapore, I had a lot of free time, and I read a lot of books on stocks, so I was familiar with the basics and applications of stock investment.

The most important thing in stock investment, he says, is to take advantage of your own strengths.

“The most important thing in stock investing is to use your own advantage. For example, at the time, I was familiar with social networking sites, so I picked up shares of Snapchat because I felt that the company would eventually grow. It often works out better when it’s as simple as this.

Then, I bought stocks with about 20 million yen, which would not cause fatal damage even if I lost all my money at worst. With that amount of money, I don’t have to check the stock price every day like I do with FX, and I can deal with investing for a long time without any mental burden and without worry. When I bought stocks, I was conscious of not assuming that I would sell them. I basically decided that I would not sell the stocks I bought for at least one year.

Mr. Yosawa has steadily increased his assets through stock investments, but it was virtual currency that caused his assets to explode.

“The first time I bought a virtual currency was around July 2005. I bought 5 million yen of a virtual currency called Bitcoin Cash, and it quickly became 20 million yen. With additional funds, I bought 135 million yen worth of the virtual currency Ripple between August and September. This turned into a market value of 2.7 billion yen in December of that year. This was a big coup for me. However, out of the 2.7 billion yen, I was only able to withdraw 1.4 billion yen, not including Ripple. I tried to withdraw the money, but my overseas bank account was frozen. It seems that the amount was too large and they suspected me of money laundering (laughs).

Of the 1.4 billion yen that I was able to withdraw, half of it (700 million yen) went into a stock account, and the rest went into real estate and insurance. I had started investing in real estate around 2003, but I imagined that I would turn the profits I earned into a solid asset. Currently, I own a total of 39 properties in Dubai, Bangkok, Tokyo and other cities.

He still continues to invest, but he manages to do so within the limits of the profits he has earned so far.

“Even if I lose all my money, it won’t hurt me. I don’t have the desire to have a lavish affair like I used to. My goal in life is to live happily with my family.

Although 8 billion yen may be difficult to achieve, it may be helpful as a method of asset building.

The mansion in Dubai was completed on April 20 this year. It is 1,262 square meters in size and has a huge pool with a waterfall in the garden.
He owns 39 properties around the world. In the fall of 2006, he purchased a room in Park Court Akasaka Hinokicho The Tower (Minato-ku) for about 400 million yen.
The height of the ceiling and the view are decisive factors when purchasing real estate. He bought the Hinokicho Tower on the spot because he liked the view.

From theNovember12, 2021issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Courtesy of Mr. Yozawa Hiroyuki Komatsu (3rd and 4th photos)

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