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Why can’t Hio Miyazawa “declare his love” for Yuna Kuroshima?

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On April 8, actor Hio Miyazawa (28) appeared at Yokohama Stadium to throw out the first pitch of the game between the DeNA Bay Stars and the Chunichi Dragons, along with actor Muro Tsuyoshi (47). Miyazawa and Muro are the main cast members in the drama series “Draft King” (WOWOW), which started on August 8, with Miyazawa playing a professional baseball scout.

Miyazawa at the stage greeting for the movie “Egoist. He was all smiles the whole time.

Miyazawa is a former model for “MEN’S NON-NO” but has recently been active as an actor. So far this year, he has appeared in two high-profile films, “THE LEGEND & BUTTERFLY” and “Egoist. In particular, his performance in “Egoist” won him the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Asia Film Awards held in Hong Kong in March, which became a hot topic of conversation.

In “Egoist,” Ryohei Suzuki (40) plays the main character, a fashion magazine editor who is also gay, and Miyazawa plays the role of a personal trainer to whom he is attracted. The intense love scenes between the two men attracted a lot of attention, but the film also made many people sympathize with its content, which made them think about the ideal state of family and love.

Miyazawa, who appeared at the triumphant stage greeting held in Tokyo on March 27, said with a smile about the response to his award: “I received messages on SNS from so many people, actors I know, and various other people contacted me. In fact, his parents and younger sister had also watched the award ceremony on YouTube and received messages the moment he received the award.

Miyazawa is very busy this year with movies and stage productions, and in May he stars in “Hazama ni Ikiru, Haru” (“Living in the Hazard, Spring”). The script for the film won the Grand Prix in the “Kando Cinema Award” film competition. Miyazawa plays a young painter with a prodigious artistic sensibility. In addition, the stage play “Parasite” will begin in June. The play, which co-stars Arata Furuta (57) and Sairi Ito (28), will begin in Tokyo and then move to Osaka, where it is scheduled to run for nearly a month and a half.

Miyazawa in the movie “Goodbye Cruel World. His dyed red hair is eye-catching.

Miyazawa is not only doing well in his work; “Josei Jishin” reported at the end of February that he and actress Yuna Kuroshima (25), with whom he co-starred in the NHK morning drama “Chimudo-don”, were “sleeping over” at her home. In fact, at the aforementioned triumphant stage greeting, as he was leaving the stage, a member of the press asked him, “How is your relationship going? However, Miyazawa was asked by a member of the audience, “Is your relationship going well? Miyazawa, however, smiled and nodded to the audience, skipped the question, and left.

The organizers probably told him not to answer any questions other than about the movie. However, it seems that not everyone around them was in a congratulatory mood for the couple’s relationship, as in the morning drama “Chimu Doton,” for which social networking sites were abuzz with anti-comments. When Nobuko (Kuroshima) and Kazuhiko (Miyazawa) got married, the mood was not one of celebration. It may be that they are still carrying that image, or they may be reminded of Anzu (36) and Masahiro Higashide (35), a former couple from the morning drama series.

In fact, Miyazawa had originally been rumored to be in love with Anne, so many media outlets were looking for a shot of him and Anne, and many people were surprised by the sudden revelation of his love affair with Kuroshima, saying, “No way. ……

He and Anne have been good friends since they co-starred in the drama “Fake Divorce,” and when he appeared on “Bokura no Jidai” (Fuji Television) in 2008, he even confessed himself that he had fallen in love with Anne. Of course, at the time, Anne was married to Higashide, so I think he was only half joking. After Anne divorced Higashide, she moved to France in September 2010, and Miyazawa was planning to go see her on a two-night bullet tour right after that. In the end, he was too busy with work and couldn’t go. …… It is possible that Miyazawa is still feeling a bit bitter about Anzu, and his feelings are so complicated that he can’t declare his love for Anzu without any fanfare.

The couple is a perfect match for each other, as everyone around them admits, and we look forward to the day when we can hear their reports with smiles on their faces.

  • Photo Yuri Adachi

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