Professional golfer Erika Hara, who is reportedly dating Yakult’s Munetaka Murakami, is also suspected of “smelling” a series of “smelling” posts, but the “temperature difference between the two” is worrisome. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Professional golfer Erika Hara, who is reportedly dating Yakult’s Munetaka Murakami, is also suspected of “smelling” a series of “smelling” posts, but the “temperature difference between the two” is worrisome.

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A report of a love affair between professional women’s golfer Erika Hara (left) and Yakult’s Munetaka Murakami (right), who played No. 4 in the WBC, has surfaced in …….

Women’s Jijin (women’s magazine) reported a karaoke date between Yakult’s Munetaka Murakami, who played No. 4 for Samurai Japan in the WBC, and Erika Hara, a professional women’s golfer. On the other hand, the temperature difference between Hara’s “smelling tweet” and Murakami’s response is also attracting attention.

According to Josei Jishin itself, the two got in touch with each other through acquaintances, and gradually became attracted to each other and started dating. In early October of last year, the two were on a date at a karaoke bar in Minato Ward, Tokyo, which is frequented by professional baseball players.

However, Murakami told a sports newspaper immediately afterward

I also support him as an athlete, and he is one of my good friends.

He then added, “I’m also one of my good friends,

It says the two of us went together, but it wasn’t just the two of us, but my friend and I went together.

He denied the nuance of a date.

There is a concern that the weekly magazine’s report on them before they started dating may make it difficult for them to see each other in the future, and that it may not work out well for them. On the other hand, there is a view that they are already in a “male-female” relationship, but Murakami denied it. Hara-san has made several “smelly” tweets, and there may be a difference in temperature between the two of them.

A reporter for a sports newspaper said.

Here are some of Hara’s supposed “smelling” tweets

On August 27 last year, the day Murakami became the first pro to hit five hits in one day and hit a home run in two consecutive games,

Amazing. Too amazing. Erimo, keep up the good work.

On December 21, the same day, she was wearing high heels and was aware of Murakami’s height (188 cm),

She was probably 188 cm tall today. My feet are so hot!

Also, on February 2, Murakami may have been expressing his resemblance to “Oden-kun,” the man who is said to resemble Murakami,

I’m not sure.

(Oden emoji), perhaps expressing Murakami’s resemblance to “Oden-kun.

Incidentally, Murakami’s LINE icon is also “Oden-kun.

Furthermore, on February 5, Murakami started spring training camp on February 1, and perhaps because the 2nd was Murakami’s birthday, Hara tweeted, “I’m eating a delicious shortcake.

I hope you are eating delicious shortcake. I’ll keep walking hard until we meet again,” he tweeted.

When Murakami scored a game-winning goal against Mexico in the WBC on March 21, Hara tweeted

I feel like I’m getting stronger. I’m so heartwarming, I’m so happy.

He exclaimed with joy, “I’m so heartwarming.

In February, Ms. Hara also made a comment about some kind of gendered entanglement, saying, “If I lie three times to the same question, can we call it a crime? In February, she also tweeted, “If I lie to you three times about the same question, can’t we make it a crime? Generally speaking, it is a tendency for women who post “smelling posts” to have unsuccessful relationships.

The only successful case I can think of is Kazuya Ninomiya’s wife. For the female side, the desire to appeal to the public and make the relationship a “fait accompli” often leads to the “smelling post” behavior.

The Internet was abuzz with reports of the couple’s love affair,

“Women always want to make you smell them, don’t they?
“Erika Karada, Erika Hara, and Erika Hara, they all like to make people think they’re smelling something.

Some posters made fun of her behavior, saying things like, “Women like to make you smell like them. The end of the love affair between the two top athletes can be found at …….

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