Actor Yuki Ogoshi, who “reads the air too well,” has thoughts on “HUNTER x HUNTER” THE STAGE | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Actor Yuki Ogoshi, who “reads the air too well,” has thoughts on “HUNTER x HUNTER” THE STAGE

Actor Yuki Ogoshi, 29, has gained popularity playing the main character in stage productions based on popular manga. Now that he is preparing to appear in a new stage production, he confesses his complex and speaks passionately about his determination to lead an actor's life.

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I was afraid to even quit, even though I couldn’t get a job at all.

3 I have been performing since I was 3 years old, but I kept having auditions and failing them. People around me would tell me, ‘You’ll get it this time,’ but I never did. Maybe it is because I failed countless times that I am here today.

So says actor Yuki Ogoshi (29). In May, he will play the main character Kurapika in the stage play “HUNTER x HUNTER” THE STAGE, based on the manga “HUNTER x HUNTER” by Yoshihiro Togashi. In May, he will play the role of Kurapika, the main character in “HUNTER x HUNTER” THE STAGE, based on the manga “HUNTER x HUNTER” by Yoshihiro Togashi. Although he now boasts an illustrious career, our interview began with a story about his early days as an underachiever, when he kept failing to get auditions.

I didn’t want to stop even though I couldn’t get a job at all,” he said. I had been acting as a child for so long that I felt like I couldn’t back down, and I was also afraid of what I could do if I quit. I was also afraid of what I could do if I quit.

Yuki Ogoshi, 29, plays the role of Kurapika in the main cast of the stage “‘HUNTER x HUNTER’ THE STAGE,” which starts on May 12.

However, it did not pay off well, and 12 years passed quickly after his debut as a child actor. It was right after entering high school that a great opportunity suddenly presented itself: he was chosen to play the lead role in a stage production of the popular manga “The Prince of Tennis. Ogoshi recalls one of his actions before the audition, when he was dreaming of the big moment.

I had been waiting so long to be accepted that when I heard the good news, I was calm. It is a strange thing to think about now, but before the audition, I bought a carry-on bag even though I had not been accepted (laughs). (Laughs.) I thought I would need it since I would be touring various theaters. At that time, I was more determined than ever that I was going to get the job, so I had no doubts about my actions. I went to power spots that I normally don’t go to and relied on whatever I could rely on, no matter how pretentious I was. I was always failing auditions and being told that it was “too close to call,” so I guess I really needed that last push. Starting that year, I played the main character in “The Prince of Tennis” for many years. I think the reason I am able to live my life as an actor today is definitely because of that role.”

Ogoshi speaks without hesitation, but the frustration he felt at the time is evident in every word.

I feel most at home when I am walking alone and listening to the radio.

In his films, Koetsu often plays a character who runs through his youth with his friends, but his personal life is quite the opposite. He rarely contacts his friends, and self-analyzes himself as “negative and overly concerned about what others think.

I think about what others might think of my words,” he says. Perhaps it is because I have been active as a child actor, but since I was a child, I have had a habit of reading the atmosphere. I don’t have many friends because I don’t want to step into someone’s bosom and think it would be better not to say anything inappropriate. So I don’t have many friends. I am basically alone most of the time. For example, if there is a day when I am on location in a rural area and there is no shooting, I spend a few hours walking around the area by myself while listening to the radio. By the way, I often listen to Audrey’s “All Night Nippon” or TBS I often listen to “All Night Nippon” by Audrey, or TBS radio programs by Ogiyahagi, Bananaman, and Bakusho Mondai. Listening to the radio is probably the most relaxing time for me because I don’t have to worry about anything.

I relieve stress by eating delicious food and drinking alcohol. My favorite drink is wine. On her Instagram page, she often shows off her specialty, homemade cooking.

Koetsu is shy, which is hard to imagine from the characters he has portrayed so far. He says that the only types of people he gets along with are those who have the opposite personalities.

He says, “I don’t mind being aggressive with people, and I might even open up to them. The person I go out to dinner with the most in private is my manager, and I think I have become such good friends with him because he is a pushy person (laughs). I have a huge admiration for people who can get close to others innocently, and I think I’d like to try it myself, but …… I can’t help but let my self-consciousness get in the way (laughs). For example, when I go to a concert of a musician I like, I can’t get excited because I’m worried about what people around me will think. I know in my head that nobody cares about me. Even when I get a surprise from one of my few friends, I’m happy, but I can’t react in a big way.

His introverted personality is not suitable for an actor. So how is it that Koetsu is able to continue to play leading roles in popular stage productions? When I asked him this question, he showed a tightened expression and began to speak strongly.

He said, “I rarely express my feelings outwardly, but if I had to describe my character in one word, it would be ‘I hate to lose,’ and I always have a passionate feeling in my heart. I wish I could express myself in words in interviews like this. I wish I could express it in words in interviews like this, but I think I’ve been able to continue to do so because it is my job as an actor to express my hidden feelings to the fullest.

My family is very strict about my plays. After they come to see me on stage, they give me detailed criticisms about my singing and dancing (laughs).

Despite his negativity, he thinks, “There is nothing I can’t do.

In recent years, he has been appearing on stage in video works and dance performances, and “HUNTER x HUNTER” THE STAGE” will be his first stage appearance with dialogue in about four years. While she says she is nervous because she is performing on a stage based on the original work, which has many fans, there is one thing she keeps in mind when playing the cool character Kurapika: “I want to be cool and calm like Kurapika.

This is the first time for me to play a character like Kurapika, who is calm, prince-like, and looks at things from a bird’s eye view. In the past, I have often played roles in which I could easily express my character, but Kurapika requires a completely different approach. I am sure that each fan has his or her own image of Kurapika, but I hope I can play the role with respect to the first impression I had when I read the original work. I would be happy if those who come to see the movie can enjoy the performance, including the matching of my interpretations.

When asked about his role models, two senior actors came up.

When asked about his target actors, he mentioned the names of two senior actors: “Although it is a job of acting, I think what is important is humanity. When I see senior actors who notice small details, are humble even though they are veterans, and politely greet me even though I am a young actor, I want to be the same kind of actor. For example, Shunsuke Kazama and Gaku Hamada, who I recently worked with. I didn’t talk to them a lot, but I could sense their good personalities.

The day of the interview was warm and felt like the arrival of spring. While walking, we talked about one of his hobbies, sneakers.

How does he want to lead his life as an actor, which is full of ups and downs? When we finally asked him, he showed the most greedy attitude of the day.

I want to be the kind of person who can respond to any role that comes my way, no matter what it is. I’m a negative person, but deep down I think, ‘There’s nothing I can’t do. There may be roles where I can use my appearance as a weapon, where people say I’m cute, and I want to play anything, even thugs and jerks. I want to be in as many films as I can, and I want to continue to express myself until the day I die.

Passion is not everything that is easy to understand. Ogoshi proves that a flame that burns quietly will stay lit in someone’s heart for a long time.

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