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V6’s breakup, the “hot love scoop” of the era!

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At last, the legendary Japanese group V6 has brought the curtain down on its history.

It goes without saying that they have left behind many great songs and have brought smiles and energy to many people through their variety shows. It’s a shame that fans won’t be able to see all of these “heroes” who made an era come to an end.

They have also created a lot of buzz “outside of work. In some cases, they finally reached their goal, while in other cases, their love affair turned out to be a one-time thing, but FRIDAY has captured various scoops on the V6 members. In this issue, we would like to look back at the trajectory of V6 through many treasured photos and send our best wishes to the six members as they embark on a new chapter in their lives.

Rie Miyazawa June 26, 2008

Go Morita ♡ Rie Miyazawa

They enjoy shopping and have been married for four years now. According to some reports, Morita is planning to take jobs through Miyazawa’s office in the future.

♡Aya Ueto ’02 December 27, 2002

Go Morita ♡ Aya Ueto

On some days, Morita’s parents and the office both approve, and Morita goes straight home from his parents’ house to work. On other days, they enjoyed yakiniku with Morita’s friends.

Tsuyoshi Morita ♡ Aya Ueto

Morita started dating Aya Ueto, who was 17 at the time, after they appeared together in a TV drama. However, they broke up in May of 2010 due to a gap in their feelings about marriage.

♡Kirari July 7, ’00

Tsuyoshi Morita ♡Kirari

They started dating right after Morita’s debut. They were spotted enjoying Disney dates, but broke up before he turned 20.

Junichi Okada (40)

Aoi Miyazaki ♡ April 8-15, 2004 issue

Junichi Okada

The two began dating after overcoming an affair with Sosuke Takaoka and Aoi Miyazaki, who had not yet divorced. Their love grew steadily, and they married in December 2005.

Junichi Okada and Aoi Miyazaki

In November 2006, one month before their marriage announcement, they enjoyed a trip to Venice and Paris.

♡Yu Aoi September 12, ’08

Junichi Okada ♡ Yu Aoi

Junichi Okada and Yu Aoi first met in the drama “Tiger & Dragon” broadcast in 2005. However, due to their busy schedules, they went their separate ways in the fall of 2009.

Junichi Okada ♡ Yu Aoi

On the way to the supermarket, they lock arms in close contact. After buying food, they went home to Aoi’s house.

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