Behind the Scenes of NHK’s Mayuko Wakuda’s “Super Royal Road” “News 7 | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Behind the Scenes of NHK’s Mayuko Wakuda’s “Super Royal Road” “News 7

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NHK announcer Mayuko Wakuda returns to “News 7” (PHOTO: Keisuke Nishi)

NHK’s Mayuko Wakuda, 34, who was on maternity leave after giving birth last summer, has returned to “News 7” as the main anchor.

Although she will be joining Takeshi Takigawa (41), who had been the main newscaster until then, no one will doubt that she will be the main newscaster. The “7 o’clock news” is the high road for NHK. She has become an ace in both name and reality,” said an NHK executive.

Some have called her return to work after a year away from TV and the birth of a child “super speedy,” but she is “not that fast, but fast enough for an NHK announcer, ” according to an NHK executive.

It seems that she has a feeling that “the good times with fat don’t last that long, and as an ace, I want to sell well when I can sell. It can be said to be the pride of an ace, and the longer he is away from his job, the more likely he is to be replaced by someone else. In other words, she is frustrated because she is an ace.

Although she had just given birth and would appear on “News 7” from Monday to Thursday, she was suddenly back on the air. The station also took all possible measures to accommodate her.

She has always been very secretive about her private life,” said Mr. Kurokawa, “so there is no need for her to tell the station about her private life. Of course, there was no need to tell her that much, but the station could not afford to offend the ace, even if it was not difficult for them to handle the situation.

The selection of anchors is usually made at the end of each year at a “committee meeting.

The “committee” usually meets at the end of each year to select an anchor. “If they were to return to the field at full strength, there was indeed a possibility of on-site harassment, as they were treated considerably, even though they were aces. I think the station thought it would be a good idea for him to appear on Mondays through Thursdays to avoid complaints from various quarters before he returned to the field. I feel it was not a bad decision.

Wakuda, with the pride of an ace, offered to return to the station, and the station responded by offering him a slot on “News 7” from Monday to Thursday.

Maho Kuwako (35), who was considered a rival at one time, did not hide her elation when she was cast in “Close-Up Today. She has found a rewarding place to live, and I am sure that her major theme for the future will be ‘pregnancy hunting’ with her husband, actor Yukiyoshi Ozawa.

Although several names have been mentioned, including Risa Hayashida (33), there are no rivals to Wakuda, and it appears that her reign will continue.

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