Masato Sakai was selected for the July drama “VIVANT” by the “Don of the entertainment industry” for his “ability” as an actress. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masato Sakai was selected for the July drama “VIVANT” by the “Don of the entertainment industry” for his “ability” as an actress.

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Masato Sakai stars in the TBS July drama “VIVANT. His co-stars include Koji Yakusho and other leading actors.

The July Sunday drama “VIVANT,” for which TBS is making a company-wide effort, has been attracting a great deal of attention in the TV industry.

Starring Masato Sakai, the “ratings man,” and co-starring Koji Yakusho and Aji Aso. Co-stars include Koji Yakusho, Hiroshi Abe, Fumi Nikaido, and Momori Matsuzaka. ……

The storyline changes rapidly, and the film is shot on location in Mongolia for an extended period of time. Some production people from other stations are asking, “How much is this going to cost?

I wonder how much the production cost ……

The production staff of other stations have been saying, “I wonder how much it cost to make this film.

Before the release of information on the film, Sakai’s independence was the talk of the town.

He had been with the Tanabe Agency, headed by Akitomo Tanabe, who is also known as the “Don of the entertainment industry,” for many years, but at the end of last year he suddenly left the agency and went independent. In an interview with some media, Mr. Tanabe said, “I can’t work with him anymore.

I can’t work with him anymore.

There were rumors of some kind of “feud” between Tanabe and Sakai.

However, this only means that Sakai and Tanabe Agency have nothing to do with each other after becoming independent, and it does not seem that the two have fallen out. As proof of this, the aforementioned “VIVANT” has cast a new actress who is a favorite of Tanabe’s in a “lucrative role.

Her name is Ai Iinuma, 19 years old.

She joined Tanabe Agency after winning the first grand prix in “TBS Star Nurturing Project: The Day I Become an Actress,” an open audition program by Tanabe Agency, TBS, and Yasushi Akimoto.

Iinuma made her debut in her first leading role in “Kono Hatsukoi wa Fiction desu” (TBS), which aired in the late-night slot in the October ’21 season. She also starred in the late-night drama “Papa to Musume no 7 Nichijitsu” (Papa and Musume’s Seven Days) in the July season of the following year, and appeared in her first prime-time drama in the Sunday drama “Atom no Kodomo” (Atom’s Children) in the October season of last year.

It has become a topic of conversation that President Tanabe is paying special attention to him. He has produced many successful actors, so it is likely that he has found a talent that shines through.

Looking at her resume alone, she may appear to be just another TBS “celebrity actress,” but she has an excellent reputation on set. President Tanabe himself sometimes visits the set himself,” said a source close to the TV station.

The actresses’ looks are unquestionable, having won the audition, and they have been praised on SNS and other social networking sites as “so cute!

She’s so cute!
I can’t wait to see what the future holds.
She’s going to be popular sooner or later.

I think she’s going to be popular sooner or later. According to a person who knows Iinuma

Mr. Tanabe never promotes brash girls. She is dedicated and eager to learn. Her acting is still developing, but she listens to the advice of those around her. She is also trained in etiquette by the office.

She is also being trained in etiquette by her office,” he says.

Iinuma’s appearance in “VIVANT,” which is full of popular actors, is a great sign that she has been selected with high expectations for the future.

I hear that Ms. Iinuma will play a key role in the story. To be honest, this is an outrageous role for a fledgling new actress. I heard that Ms. Iinuma will play a key role in the story, which is a tremendous feat for a newcomer.

Although only the announced leading actors are being talked about, Gaku Hamada and kabuki actor Yajuro Bando, who got his break in last year’s NHK historical drama “Kamakuradono no 13-nin,” will also appear in this drama. For Iinuma, being able to watch these seasoned actors perform up close should be a unique learning experience.

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