Celebration! Mayuko Kawakita, the birth of her first child, too cool “lovey-dovey date photos” and “relaxed fashion photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebration! Mayuko Kawakita, the birth of her first child, too cool “lovey-dovey date photos” and “relaxed fashion photos

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At the time, Kawakita said that her ideal man would be “someone like Sanma-san who makes me laugh a lot” (May 1, 2008 issue).

Kawakita said, “This is a personal matter, but I gave birth to my first child the other day. Thanks to you, both mother and child are healthy.

On April 12, Mayuko Kawakita (31) updated her Instagram page and reported the birth of her first child. On her Instagram page, she uploaded a photo of her baby on her chest, gazing lovingly at the baby,

I am thankful that my baby was born safely. I hope that we can cherish this feeling now and work together as a family to build a family that is uniquely ours.

She wrote, “I am grateful to you for making me feel safe and secure. Kawakita got married to a regular man in January 2009. Last March, she wrote about her husband’s rules for married life,

When we fight, we put our fingers and toes together like E.T.” She wrote, “When we are fighting, we put our fingers and toes together like E.T. When we are fighting, I recommend it because it makes us feel silly and it makes us feel relaxed.

I recommend it.

They were together for seven years before they got married, and it seems that they were really close and often went out together for shopping and dinner. Her husband is a former Paris Collection model, so when they walked together, they stood out, and they were often spotted on dates.

(A source at an entertainment agency). This magazine has also frequently witnessed the two on friendly dates.

A date in a leather jacket with a beautiful man and a beautiful woman who looks good even in the nighttime (May 1, ’20 issue).

In early March ’20, when the weather was still chilly, Kawakita came out of a luxury apartment in central Tokyo wearing a leather coat over a knit one-piece dress. Next to her, escorting Kawakita was her husband-to-be, Mr. A. He was wearing damaged jeans and a leather jacket. He was a wild-looking man with a stout figure, wearing damaged jeans and a leather jacket, and they were already living together in the apartment at that time. They took a cab to Shirokane (Minato-ku) and entered a house in a narrow alley where no car could enter. It was a Japanese restaurant frequented by celebrities, and many of them were regular patrons. Four hours after entering the restaurant, the couple left the restaurant with six other men and women, and took a cab back to their apartment.

In July, this magazine also spotted them (July 10, 2008 issue). Kawakita was walking in Omotesando’s fashion district wearing a short, tight-fitting top and leather pants that showed a glimpse of her belly, an extremely difficult outfit to pull off. She walked down an alleyway and met him in front of a building that housed a luxury brand store. Kawakita approached him, tapped him on the shoulder, and went straight into the building. For some reason, the man did not enter the building, but sat idly on the street waiting. Apparently, he had noticed the presence of this journalist and had interrupted their date. They did not meet up and headed home separately.

Dressed in relaxed fashion at Shin-Osaka Station (’22, October 27)

In mid-October of last year, exactly one month before the pregnancy announcement, I spotted Kawakita dressed in a relaxed fashion at Shin-Osaka Station. Kawakita was walking slowly among a group of women carrying several attache cases and other large luggage, as if protected by them. Kawakita also talked about her “rules with her husband” in this way.

She said, “(Household chores) are done by whoever can do it. My husband does the dishes because his hands get rough.

For the time being, she expects her husband to do all the housework.

Two people leaving their home and trying to stop a cab to go to a restaurant (May 1, ’20 issue).
Two people walking right and left down an alleyway, unable to locate a restaurant (May 1, ’20 issue).
The two have excellent fashion sense (’20 May 1)
After dinner, the two say goodbye to their friends (May 1, ’20 issue).
Mayuko Kawakita in her Kimekime at Omotesando (July 10, 2008 issue)
A month before announcing her pregnancy, Kawakita walks through Shin-Osaka Station in relaxed fashion (October 27, 2010 issue)
From Mayuko Kawakita’s Instagram @mayukokawakitaofficial
From Mayuko Kawakita’s Instagram @mayukokawakitaofficial
  • PHOTO Yuri Adachi

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