Why there is a “difference in temperature” in the response of Prince and Princess Akishino to the much-discussed “Kako’s Separation Riots | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why there is a “difference in temperature” in the response of Prince and Princess Akishino to the much-discussed “Kako’s Separation Riots

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(PHOTO: Japan Magazine Association)

Recently, it has been repeatedly reported that Kako, 28, the second daughter of the Akishino family, has chosen to live alone instead of moving in with her family.

The renovation of Akishino’s residence was completed last fall, and based on Noriko’s wish to take care of her personal affairs herself, the move was set for the end of this year,” said a journalist from the Imperial Household.

However, it seems that Kako will not move to the new Akishino residence, but will remain in the temporary residence that is being remodeled.

Originally, the temporary residence was to be used as a facility related to the Imperial Household Agency, but in the fall of last year, the Agency indicated that the private quarters would also remain. At that point, or even before that, it seems that things were moving based on the assumption that Kako would not move out.

On the other hand, there were also reports that “there is no room for Kako in the new residence. On the other hand, there were reports that “there is no room for Kako at the new residence,” but “of course there is room for Kako and for Mako.

“It is basic to make space for the son to spend time when he comes back to his parents’ home. Since this is the case in an ordinary family, it is impossible for the Akishino family, the Imperial Family, not to be able to provide such a space.

Anyway, it seems that there is no such thing as “Kako cannot physically move out because there is no room for her. An interesting point, by the way, is that the response to Kako’s “separation” is said to be divided between Prince and Princess Akishino.

Akishino no Miya seems to have raised the white flag about persuading Kako to change her mind, but Noriko seems to have not given up trying to persuade her. If things continue as they are, the impression of the family’s defection that was exposed by the Komuro issue will be further strengthened, and it is because this is a matter that affects the appearance of the Imperial Family.

The situation seems to be very serious.

It is likely that Noriko seriously believes that if Kako continues to live in the temporary residence and moves out after marriage, it will be a “big problem for the family. However, I get the impression that Noriko has a very strong awareness that “a 28-year-old woman living alone is not the same as Kako, and in Kako’s case, it is unacceptable.

With the start of the new year, we can expect to see a new development in the Akishino family.

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