Hiroyuki’s comment that “Mutsugoro won an award for marijuana” is “controversial” on the Internet and other media. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroyuki’s comment that “Mutsugoro won an award for marijuana” is “controversial” on the Internet and other media.

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Hiroyuki Hiroyuki has come under “fire” on the Internet and elsewhere for his comments about the late Mutsukoro Mutsukoro.

He grew marijuana and won a marijuana prize, right?

Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki,” the founder of “2channel,” appeared on the April 7 broadcast of the online TV program “Abema Prime” (ABEMA). In his program, he gave a full commentary on the greatness of Masanori Hata, “Mr. Mutsugoro,” in memory of him! In a segment titled “The news that Hiroyuki chooses,” Hiroyuki said that Masanori Hata, a writer known as “Mutsugoro-san” who passed away on March 5, had been growing marijuana before his death.

In the program, Hiroyuki shared a dynamic episode about Mutsugoro. When he talked about how a lion bit off his middle finger and how he was the first person in Japan to obtain a 10-dan in mahjong, the studio responded, “You know so much!

He knows so much!

and “You know so much! Then, Mr. Hiroyuki also responded

I’ve been watching Mutsugoro’s show since I was a child.

I’ve been watching Mutsugoro’s show since I was a child,” he said proudly. When the other co-hosts continued to talk about Mutsugoro’s boldness, Hiroyuki added, “I’ve been watching Mutsugoro-san’s show since I was a child.

This is not the first time that Hiroyuki has talked about Mutsugoro’s marijuana. In the past, he has talked about it on his own YouTube stream.

In response to a question from a user, “Do you think the prohibition of marijuana will be lifted in Japan?

He responded “No.” to a general user’s question, “Do you think the ban on marijuana will be lifted in Japan? He said that the U.S. would not allow the ban to be lifted because Japan is capable of producing high-quality marijuana. He then mentioned Mutsugoro-san.

There is a man named Mutsukoro who runs the Animal Kingdom in Hokkaido, and he grows marijuana and won a prize in a marijuana contest in Holland or something,” he said.

He is growing marijuana and won a prize at a marijuana contest in Holland or something,” he said, adding that Japanese people can produce high-quality marijuana. However, Mutsugoro himself has denied this story in the past.

In his book, Mutsukuro clearly denies this “mistake” made on Wikipedia in the past, saying that he has an “extreme aversion to drugs. He also expressed his displeasure with the marijuana reference, saying that “someone has maliciously introduced me as a person.

Hiroyuki may have taken Wikipedia’s information to heart. This marijuana comment by Mr. Hiroyuki was also spread in a clipping video, and I believe that Mr. Hiroyuki was telling the episode out of love for Mr. Mutsugoro. …… Considering his influence, I think many people believed him.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

The comment section of the clipped video reads.

“I checked the awards in Holland and there were none. It seems that Hiroyuki couldn’t tell a lie from a lie.

This is the moment when we realized that Hiroyuki’s knowledge was based on Wikipedia.

The video shows the moment when Hiroyuki’s knowledge was revealed to be from Wikipedia. Incidentally, the current Wikipedia entry reads

“He has a marijuana cultivation license, grew a variety called ‘Mutsu Gold’ and won second place at a marijuana fair in Amsterdam,” was once added to a false statement.

The report has been corrected.

Mr. Mutsugoro has taken the world by storm with his animal shows. He probably never thought that he would be talked about so much for something other than animals. ……Gassho.

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