Governor Kuroiwa and Governor Goto, who were elected even though they had an affair, lost their political paradise… The magazine’s secret photos of “politicians and adultery” and what happened afterwards. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Governor Kuroiwa and Governor Goto, who were elected even though they had an affair, lost their political paradise… The magazine’s secret photos of “politicians and adultery” and what happened afterwards.

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Mr. Masazumi Goto, a member of the Diet, responded sincerely to the magazine’s direct questioning while crushing his bitterness (June 17, ’11 issue).

It was more than ten years ago,” he said, “that I caused you all great discomfort over a private matter of mine. I have hurt the pride of Kanagawa. From now on, I will start not from zero, but from the negative. I stand here feeling sorry. I want to repay the trust I have lost through my work.”

Governor Yuji Kuroiwa of Kanagawa Prefecture, 68, who was elected for the fourth time on April 9, did not smile, and all that came out of his mouth was a speech of remorse. Just four days earlier, Shukan Bunshun Online had reported that Governor Kuroiwa had had an affair with a younger woman living in Tokyo for 11 years from 2000. The article also included images of e-mails with obscene content allegedly sent by Governor Kuroiwa.

The next day, the governor immediately acknowledged the fact of the report on his official website and apologized. Nevertheless, it could not have had any impact on the election, and it was expected to be a tough race, but he received overwhelming support and won the fourth election. Some say that the situation might have been more tense if the affair had come to light a little earlier, but as was the case with Governor Masazumi Goto of Tokushima Prefecture (53), it was proven in a strange way that, unlike celebrities, adultery scandals have little effect on elections for politicians. (Reporter in charge of political affairs)

This magazine has reported on the infidelity scandals of numerous politicians in office, including Governor Goto, who ran for and won the Tokushima gubernatorial election. Some politicians, such as Governors Kuroiwa and Goto, have been affected by their affairs only to the extent of “fertilizer,” while others have not. What they all have in common is a “mental toughness” that does not allow them to just fall down. Let me introduce a few of them.

The scene of Senator Goto’s too-harsh affair (’11, June 17)

The “too-harsh affair!” of Goto Masazumi (53) (June 17, ’11 issue)

Masazumi Goto (41 at the time) was first elected in ’00 (Tokushima Ward 3). At the time, he was serving his fourth term in the House of Representatives as a member of the Liberal Democratic Party. That year, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. On the same day, the House of Representatives’ Special Committee on Reconstruction following the Great East Japan Earthquake was in session, with then LDP President Sadakazu Tanigaki questioning then Prime Minister Naoto Kan, and the committee was in chaos. Goto, who was also vice chairman of the party’s Special Committee on Earthquake Preparedness, went to a fancy Chinese restaurant in Ginza that night. She was a hostess at a high-class club in Ginza, and they went to the club where she worked. At 2 am, they went to a bar in Roppongi. Here, they were involved in a number of indecent acts. On the way, they went into a bathroom together and did not come out for nearly 20 minutes. In response to the magazine’s direct questioning, Mr. Goto said, “I have resigned from all the positions I am currently accepting,

I’m resigning from all my current positions. I will be suspended for a while. I am glad that Mr. Friday took a picture of me this time. I really need to take this opportunity to reflect on my actions and get back on track.

With this answer, he left with a refreshed expression on his face. True to his word, Goto resigned from all positions in the LDP. However, he went on to win eight more elections, this time for governor of Tokushima Prefecture. He and his wife, Maki Mizuno (53), have reportedly been living separately for many years.

Goshi Hosono (51) and Mona Yamamoto (47) kissing on the street (October 13, 2006)

Goshi Hosono, 35, then a member of the House of Representatives of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), graduated from Kyoto University’s Faculty of Law. He was elected for the first time in 2000 and has since been elected for three consecutive terms. At the time, he held the position of deputy policy chief and was the leading candidate for a senior position that would carry the DPJ in the future. One night in August, Hosono met with Mona Yamamoto (30), a freelance announcer who was to become the new anchor of “NEWS23” (TBS) a few days later. After the two had dinner together at a Spanish restaurant, Hosono put his hands around Mona’s waist and kissed her passionately. Afterwards, Hosono returned to the assemblyman’s lodgings, but went out again late at night and headed for Mona’s apartment. In response to a direct interview with this magazine, Hosono said, “Oh no, I don’t know anything about that,

No, I don’t know anything about that. ……. No, no (with a wry smile), I really don’t. ….

He repeated his complete denial. Later, he served as a cabinet minister under the Democratic Party of Japan. In 2009, he joined the LDP.

Toshinao Nakagawa and Megumi Maekawa, both LDP members, smile as they share a pizza and salad with each other throughout the meal (March 24, ’17 issue).

Toshinao Nakagawa (52) and Megumi Maekawa (47), LDP members, meet each other (March 24, 2005).

Toshinao Nakagawa, 46, then Diet member and Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and Megumi Maekawa, 42, then Diet member, both of the Liberal Democratic Party, had been meeting in a room of an apartment building used as an office by a general incorporated association of which Maekawa was then the chairman. The two continued their relationship of secretly meeting in secret for two years. Mr. Nakagawa asked, “Isn’t that adultery?” When asked directly by this magazine, “Is it not adultery?

Yes, of course. Yes, of course.

Immediately after that, Nakagawa resigned as parliamentary secretary after learning in advance that Shukan Shincho would report a “bigamy scandal” with another woman and that he was registered as a stalker with the police. Currently, neither of them is active as a Diet member, and Nakagawa is working as a stage actor.

Gen Funada (69) and Megumi Hata (61), the original “Paradise Lost in Politics” (August 2, 1996 issue)

In June 1996, this magazine reported on the affair between Hajime Funada (42) and Megumi Hata (34). At the time, the two were members of the same New Progressive Party (NPP). Mr. Moto left his wife and child and remarried in May 1999, saying that he could not live without her. However, the cost of adultery was high, and Mr. Moto lost his election to the House of Representatives in June 2000 (he was reelected in 2003 and 2012). Megumi was also unsuccessful in the Upper House election in July 2001, forcing her to retire from politics. Funada is still a member of the House of Representatives, and Megumi has been the president of Sakushin Gakuin Educational Corporation since 2001.

The scene of Senator Goto’s indecent affair (June 17, ’11 issue)
The scene of an indecent affair with Councilor Goto (June 17, ’11 issue)
The scene of an indecent affair with Councilor Goto (June 17, ’11 issue)
The scene of an indecent affair with Councilor Goto (June 17, ’11 issue)
Hot kiss between Rep. Goshi Hosoda and Mona Yamamoto (Oct. 13, ’06 issue)
Senator Hosoda and Mona Yamamoto snuggling up to each other (October 13, ’06 issue)
Both of them have their hands around each other’s waist (October 13, ’06 issue)
Councilors Toshinao Nakagawa and Megumi Maekawa leaving the apartment together (March 24, ’17 issue)
Councilor Megumi Maekawa (March 24, ’17 issue)
Toshinao Nakagawa shaved his head to show remorse at a press conference (August 18, 2005 issue).
Former Councilors Funada and Hatake attending a movie preview together just before the affair broke out (August 2, ’96 issue).
Senator Funada (the man in the polo shirt on the left) and Senator Hata (the woman in the sleeveless black one-piece dress) enjoying an adulterous date at a restaurant bar (August 2, ’96 issue).
The two appeared at a debriefing session for Sakushin Gakuin, which won the summer Koshien championship for the first time in 54 years (September 9, ’16 issue).
Eriko Imai, a member of the Diet, with Ken Hashimoto five years after her “Shinkansen affair” (July 8, 2010 issue)
Ms. Eriko Imai, a member of the Diet, with Mr. Ken Hashimoto, five years after her “Shinkansen affair” (July 8, 2010 issue)
Ms. Eriko Imai, a member of the Diet, with Mr. Ken Hashimoto, five years after her “Shinkansen affair” (July 8, 2010 issue).
Rep. Imai and Mr. Hashimoto waving to this magazine (July ’22)
Rep. Shizuri Yamao, who was reportedly having an affair with a handsome lawyer 9 years younger than her (October 13, ’17 issue)
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