Masami Nagasawa at a cafe with her friends, at a high-class yakiniku restaurant…her real face as seen in her secret photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masami Nagasawa at a cafe with her friends, at a high-class yakiniku restaurant…her real face as seen in her secret photos

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As there were no other customers in the restaurant, they seemed to be relaxed the whole time. I couldn’t help but smile when my friend talked about the restaurant.

“Mayonnaise is good, but avocado cream is also delicious.

“The black truffle is also irresistible.

The black truffle is irresistible!

December of 2008. In December 2008, actress Masami Nagasawa (34) was chatting with a friend in a night town decorated with Christmas lights. She visited a restaurant in Tokyo that specializes in French fries. The store is popular for its seasonal selection of potatoes with 10 different sauces. When her order arrived, she couldn’t wait to get her hands on it and happily snacked on it. Even the gesture of eating is a picture of a top actress.

In January 2000, at the age of 12, the youngest ever, Nagasawa was selected as the grand prize winner of Toho’s “Cinderella” audition. Since then, she has been active in the forefront of the entertainment industry for over 20 years. Her awards include the Japan Academy Prize for Best New Actor (“Robocon” in 2003) and the Japan Academy Prize for Best Actress (“Mother” in 2008). We would like to introduce Nagasawa’s charms through her treasured photos.

Proudly walking in Yokohama in broad daylight with a famous actor

On the way to lunch in Yokohama with Masaki Suda. Taken in July this year.

July of this year. It was a little early in the day for lunch, and there was a couple walking closely together down Motomachi Street in Yokohama, where there were still very few people around. They are actors, Masaki Suda and Nagasawa. They were probably in between filming for a drama or movie. They were accompanied by two women who seemed to be their managers. The group walked to a back alley and entered a store.

“The restaurant they entered was a small creative Chinese restaurant. The owner of the restaurant specializes in Shanghai-style wontons, which he inherited from his grandmother’s recipe, and Mr. Nagasawa and the others seemed to be eating the same set of wontons. I heard that Ms. Nagasawa paid the bill.

After finishing their lunch in about 20 minutes, Suda and the others left the restaurant and went to the shooting site. Suda was wearing black glasses and a blank expression. Nagasawa was walking around with one hand clapping her large, swollen stomach.

It’s a well-known story that Suda fell in love with Nagasawa at first sight when he was in the third year of junior high school after seeing her in “Operation Propose. Suda’s wish came true and the two acted together in the movie series “Gintama” in 2005, but at that time they were still in supporting roles. I think Suda himself was looking forward to working with her,” says a movie insider.

A unique zebra print coat

After the event, Nagasawa appeared in a unique zebra coat. Taken in March this year.

Wearing a long zebra-print coat and brushing up her glossy bob hair, she exuded the aura of a top actress.

This was taken in March of this year, right after Nagasawa took the stage at the premiere screening event of her movie “The Wonderful World. When she appeared in the parking lot, four or five male fans who were waiting for her ran up to her, but the great actress did not show any displeasure and gave them a big smile that could be seen even through her mask.

“Nagasawa is not only good at playing beautiful heroines, but she is also very good at playing ‘unlikable’ roles. As she stated, “I don’t care what people think of me,” her gracefulness in playing the role of a heel, without regard to her own likability, has led to her high reputation as an actress.

After a four-and-a-half-hour performance, a yakiniku launch!

Masami Nagasawa has been working hard on the stage every day, performing for four hours. Masami Nagasawa, who has been working hard on the stage for four hours every day, was enjoying the party without showing any fatigue (photo taken in December 2006).

A night in December 2006. On a night in December 2006, a group of men in out-of-place black suits were standing in a restaurant district in Odaiba, Tokyo, as if they were checking out passersby.

That’s just as well. There was a midnight launch of the stage show “Metal Macbeth disc3” at a nearby yakiniku restaurant. The men in suits were probably guides and guards for the entertainers.

At 7:30 a.m., a beautiful woman with an outstanding style came to the restaurant floor. Nagasawa, the star of the show. Protected by an army of black suits, Nagasawa walked down the aisle toward the yakiniku restaurant. The way she strutted with her long legs wrapped in denim shorts was so beautiful that it looked as if the restaurant floor had become a runway.

Three hours later, after the launch was over, Nagasawa left Odaiba in a courtesy car for the long run of the play, which started in early November and lasted until the end of December. The performance started in early November and lasted until the end of December, so the yakiniku must have recharged her power to get through the days until the final performance.

Great actresses are busy. She has an overwhelming aura even when she shows her true face in between her busy schedule.

She went shopping in between shoots. She is wearing a loose white shirt. Taken in September this year.
Masami Nagasawa wore a large mask to protect her throat during the performance. She seemed to have enjoyed her meal for a full two hours. photo taken in November 2006.
After the stage greeting for the movie “Masquerade Hotel,” Masami Nagasawa took a shuttle to the Imperial Hotel. She got out of the car and walked into the hotel while chatting with the staff with smiles on her face.
After the ceremony at Omotesando Hills, Masami Nagasawa came out of the hotel after changing into her casual clothes (photo taken in May 2006).
The manager in charge at the time (right) celebrates Masami Nagasawa’s (left) win for Best Actress in the Mainichi Film Concours at a high-class sushi restaurant in Tokyo in February 2006 (photo taken in February 2006)
A change from her usual bewitching dress to a mannish look with riders and wide pants (photo taken in November 2004)
On this day, she was dressed in a relaxed fashion (photo taken in January 2004)
Masami Nagasawa comes out of the restaurant after finishing her meal (photo taken in 2003)
Masami Nagasawa is paying the bill with her purse in her hand after the karaoke session. She must have had a lot of fun, because she is smiling all over the place.
  • Photography Yuri Adachi, Yusuke Kondo, Keisuke Nishi, Takahiro Kagawa, Takao Kawakami, Masaaki Saito, Ippei Hara, Tetuko Takemoto, Kojiro Yamada, Sota Shima

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