‘The only way to avoid death is to have intercourse’…Alleged brainwashing of a teenage woman, “74-year-old harem man of polygamy,” graphic flesh and blood. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

‘The only way to avoid death is to have intercourse’…Alleged brainwashing of a teenage woman, “74-year-old harem man of polygamy,” graphic flesh and blood.

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Arrested suspect Hirohito, who said in an interview in 2007 that this was the first time since his arrest that he had allowed members of the media into his home.

On April 10, it was reported that Hirohito Shibuya, 75, and his ex-wife Chiaki, 43, of Higashiyamato City, Tokyo, were arrested again. The two are suspected of brainwashing a teenage girl and committing indecent acts. In addition, this time another ex-wife was also arrested as an accomplice. When Shibuya was arrested in February, “FRIDAY Digital” reported in detail on the graphic flesh and blood of his past. We reproduce them below (age, title, etc. are as they were at the time).

You will be taken away by aliens.

The only way to avoid death is to have intercourse with me.

A man was caught attempting to sexually assault a teenage woman with these words.

The suspect, Hirohito Shibuya, 74, of Higashiyamato City, Tokyo, whose occupation is unknown, and his ex-wife, Chiaki, 43, a restaurant worker, who lives with him, were arrested on February 7 by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 1 on suspicion of attempted quasi-forcible sexual intercourse. Last December, Chiaki invited a female acquaintance in her teens to his home, saying, “There is a fortune teller who is often right. Hirohito is alleged to have tried to brainwash the woman into having sexual intercourse with him by showing her images of UFOs and other objects over a long period of time and saying, “You will die soon.

You will die soon. Aliens will take you away, skin you, and eat you. The only way to avoid death is to have sexual intercourse.

Sensing that she was in danger, the woman and her family consulted the police. The suspect, Hirohito, who was arrested, initially denied committing the crime, saying, “I didn’t say I had to have sexual intercourse to save my life. Later, he partially admitted to the charge, saying, “I may have told him that he had to have intercourse. In addition to his current wife, Hirohito lived in a harem with eight other ex-wives, including Chiaki.

This is not the first time Hirohito has been caught; in January 2006, he was arrested for threatening a 20-year-old woman who refused to join a group living arrangement. He was sentenced to one year and six months in prison, with a four-year suspended sentence. Since that time, he has been living a polygamous life, marrying and divorcing several women with whom he lives together in a short period of time, and it has caused a stir in the public.

“It is natural for a man to do this.

(Some images of Hirohito’s “wives” that were publicized before his arrest in January 2006 (some of the images have been doctored).

In July 2007, while on probation, “FRIDAY” interviewed Hirohito for two hours at his home. The interview was a surprisingly candid account of Hirohito, who was still living with 10 women at the time. We would like to re-record the interview and introduce the background of the case and the vivid group life (the content has been modified in a question-and-answer format).

–Why do you continue to live in the group?

We are not forcing them to stay. Even the women who left once come back, saying, ‘I feel comfortable here after all. What’s so good about an old man like me?

–Why don’t women leave you?

The reasons are too complicated for anyone to understand. The media says I mind-controlled them or hypnotized them, but I don’t have that kind of power.

I accepted the prosecution’s statement that the reason I started living with the women was ‘to collect money and have sex,’ because I thought that would convince the public. But if it really was about money and sex, there is no way a beautiful woman would be with a man like me.”

-What do they do with their income?

The women work part-time at convenience stores and supermarkets. They go to work around 8:00 a.m., and I get up around 10:00 a.m. I work in my underpants and take care of the garden. I wake up around 10:00 a.m. I relax in my underpants, tending to the garden or repairing broken furniture.

The allowance they give me is about 3,000 yen a month. I like reading science magazines, so I buy “Newton” and “Kodomo no Kagaku. The only other thing I do is go to Akihabara and build mini-airplanes with parts.

–Does he have sex with all the women?

Do you have sex with all the women? I have sex with all the women. I don’t know how many times a week. I can’t tell you how many times a week, because it’s their privacy. The content is one-on-one and very normal.

During the police interrogation, I was asked, ‘Do you play with more than one person? The only question I didn’t answer clearly was, ‘Who do you like the most? The police laughed when I explained that if I told them that, the other women would kill me.

Hirohito is believed to have provided relief to the women by losing his place in society and forming a pseudo-family. If indicted, the reality of his “mysterious harem life” will be revealed in court.

Hirohito, shortly before his arrest in January 2006, gathered the press to explain his “polygamous lifestyle” (some photos have been doctored).
A house in Higashiyamato City, Tokyo, where Hirohito lived with other women.
A woman who lived with Hirohito in 2007 (photo partially doctored)
A woman who lived with Hirohito in 2007 (photo has been partially processed)
A woman who lived with Hirohito at the time of 2007 (photo has been partially processed)
  • Photo by Shuichi Masuda

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