Eriko Komuro, Fuji Television’s “3rd year Eriko Komuro” became the new MC of “Mezamashi 8” “I love Poka Poka too”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Eriko Komuro, Fuji Television’s “3rd year Eriko Komuro” became the new MC of “Mezamashi 8” “I love Poka Poka too”.

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Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University. She won the runner-up prize in the Miss Aoyama Contest 2019. She is a member of the International Volunteer Circle and has experience building a house in Cambodia (’21 April 23).

My name is Eriko Komuro, and I am in my third year with the company. This is my third year with the program, and I hope to grow with the program. I will do my best to be cheerful and energetic.”

On April 3, new MC Eriko Komuro, 24, made her first appearance on the morning information program “Mezamashi 8” (Fuji Television Network). At the beginning of the program, she expressed her enthusiasm with an adorable smile. Komuro will take over from Yumi Nagashima, 31, who graduated from the program at the end of March, and will be in charge from Monday to Thursday. In fact, there were many twists and turns within the Fuji TV station leading up to the decision to make Komuro the new MC.

Nagashima announced on January 24 that she would be leaving the program,” he said. She had been the MC of Mezamashi TV for nearly seven years, starting in 2004, so the station and viewers had a lot of trust in her, and they wanted her to continue for a while longer, so the sudden offer was a big upset. Another reason was that there were no female announcers who could take over.

Yurika Mita (35) and Akiko Kuji (28) have already left the station. Yutaka Yamazaki (35) is on maternity leave. Aimi Miyashi (31), Fuji’s absolute ace, has replaced Ayako Kato (37), a.k.a. Katopan, in charge of “Live News It! (Live News It!) as the successor to Ayako Kato (37), known as Katopan, and cannot be moved. Furthermore, “I’ve been getting a lot of ‘stellar noise’ from the station.

The “Stemma Riots” are having a big impact here,” said one source.

said a mid-level employee in charge of Fuji Television’s information programs. The “Stemma Riot” refers to an incident reported by the Weekly Bunshun in April 2009. It was about a number of female announcers at Fuji Television who, in exchange for free services from a beauty salon, used their own SNS to introduce the beauty salon where they received the services. This was called “stealth marketing” and caused a furore.

There were a total of eight female announcers who were allegedly involved in this. One of them, Kuji, has resigned. One of them, Kuji, resigned, and Inoue Seika (27) is now the MC of “Mezamashi TV. Although these two have successfully recovered from the turmoil, Mana Mikami (34), Satoshi Miyazawa (33), Reimi Tsutsumi (29), Yuka Ebihara (29), and Chihiro Sugihara (27) are still reeling from the turmoil. Compared to their abilities and the expectations of the station in the past, they have not been entrusted with major jobs.

The names that came up were Minami Sakuma, 25, and Komuro, both of whom are rapidly rising in popularity and ability and are considered the next-generation aces. However, Sakuma’s career path as a sports analyst had already been almost completely decided. That is how Komuro got the nod.

Since new president Koichi Minato (70) took office in June of last year, Fuji Television has been working on restoring the “Fuji Television of Variety. The first of these programs, “Poka Poka,” began airing on Fridays, and Komuro is in charge of the program. However, Nagashima’s departure from “Mezamashi 8” exposed a lack of human resources. The decision was made to entrust the job to Announcer Komuro. Komuro will be in charge of “Mezamashi 8” from Monday to Thursday and “Pokapoka” only on Fridays, but this shift would not have been possible under normal circumstances,” said a Fuji Television employee in charge of variety programs.

On March 3, when he appeared on “Poka Poka,” Yuuki Iwai (36) of the comedy duo “Halaichi,

When he appeared on “Pokapoka” on March 3, comedy duo Harai Yuuki (36) asked him, “You’re going to quit (Pokapoka) when things cool down, right?”

Komuro laughed and waved his hand to the side,

I will continue to love ‘Poka Poka’ as well.

She denied it.

I guess they really wanted to keep Komuro on ‘Poka Poka. I think the message was that they wanted her to grow as the “face of Fuji Television” through the synergistic effect of being in charge of both information programs and variety programs.

When Komuro was announced as MC of “Mezamashi 8” on March 1, there were many comments on SNS,

I don’t think she can replace Nagashima.

Fuji Television is so short of talent, it’s hilarious.

However, viewers who watched Komuro’s performance said, “Her face is so small it’s not real, and she looks so nice,

I’m so healed by her small face and nice face.

She is a good facilitator and ad-libs more effectively than I expected. He is a good facilitator and ad-libs better than I thought he would.

The show is generally off to a good start. There seems to be no doubt that Komuro will become the new “face of Fuji Television” in the future.

From Announcer Komuro’s Instagram
From Komuro’s Instagram
The day after the announcement of her resignation, she directly asked Ayako Kato, “Is it OK with you if I leave Fuji? She replied with a smile, “(Even if I quit Fuji), it’s totally fine! she replied with a smile (February 12, 2004 issue).
Yumi Nagashima, who graduated from “Mezamashi 8” in March ’21.
Minami Sakuma, during the live broadcast of the “Tokyo Marathon” held on March 5 this year.
Eriko Komuro, an announcer of “Mezamashi 8” (from Komuro’s Instagram @komuro.eriko)
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