What’s next for Mizuto? Highly favorable impression encourages her! Kyoko Gunji, the “fashionable” announcer, will become the new face of Nippon TV. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

What’s next for Mizuto? Highly favorable impression encourages her! Kyoko Gunji, the “fashionable” announcer, will become the new face of Nippon TV.

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Kyoko Gunji, a TV announcer, getting out of a cab after finishing work (July 2008).

The news of the marriage of NTV announcer Mami Mizuto (35) has once again proven her popularity and likability, but the question is who will become the “post-Mizuto” announcer.

The most likely candidate is Erina Iwata (27). She succeeded Mizuto and was in charge of “Sukkiri” until the end, and she is always in the top 10 in the rankings of favorite female TV announcers. In a recently announced survey conducted by an advertising agency, which asked a total of 300 staff members of commercial TV stations to rank female TV announcers with good personalities, Iwata was ranked second (Mizuto was ranked first, by the way). She is also one of the most talented female announcers at the station. Considering her age of 27, there is no doubt about it.

However, the new position is not without cause for concern. Despite the end of “Sukkiri,” she is no longer in charge of information programs due to the spring reshuffle.

She is 27 years old, which is a possibility that cannot be dismissed. She is also good at reading news scripts, so a change of direction to news or sports is also possible” (sports newspaper reporter).

Amidst this situation, Kyoko Gunji, 32, has emerged as an announcer. Three years Mizuto’s junior, she has mainly worked on news programs and has only appeared on a handful of variety and information programs. She also appeared on “Sukkiri,” where she was in charge of Tuesday news.

She is said to be number one in Nippon TV for her good looks and fashion sense. She is a graduate of Keio University’s golf club, and unlike her elegant appearance, she is an athletic person and has a very straightforward personality. She was ranked fifth in the “Ranking of Good Personality. His announcing skills are also impeccable, as he has been in charge of a news program for many years. Last September, she launched the apparel brand Audire as a new business venture for Nippon TV, and her knowledge, communication skills, and sense of style are said to be the best not only within the station but also in the female TV announcer world.

Guji’s Instagram page is a major focus of attention, as it appears on the Internet news every day whenever she updates it. Whenever she introduces her private activities such as driving her own car or her seasonal fashion coordination, the comments on her social networking service are always, “Cool!

Cool! You’re the leader of the fashion world.

She has a great style. I admire her as a woman.

I admire her as a woman.

To be frank, there is no one on the right side of Mizuto when it comes to the ability to be loved. Although she is a mid-level female announcer, she is not yet well known for her charms and has a lot of potential. She has a lot of potential. She is good enough to be the new face of Nippon TV,” said an executive of an entertainment agency.

From now on, all eyes will be on Anna Gunji!

Announcer Iwata at the graduation ceremony at Keio University (March ’18)
Announcer Iwata as a college student in a relationship with Takao Osawa (55) in March ’18.
Announcer Iwata as a college student dating Takao Osawa (55) in March ’18.
Guji, who is known for her fashion sense (from her Instagram @kyoko_gunji)
Private shot of Gunji (from her Instagram @kyoko_gunji)
From left to right: Gunji, Mami Mizuto, Aoi Iwamoto, and Erika Tokushima (from @kyoko_gunji)
(from @kyoko_gunji’s Instagram)
Outstanding style (from Guji’s Instagram @kyoko_gunji)
(From @kyoko_gunji’s Instagram)
In front of the logo of the brand she launched (from @kyoko_gunji)
A shot of her signature golf game (from @kyoko_gunji)
(From @kyoko_gunji’s Instagram)
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