NHK’s “News 7” Wakuda → “Kurogen” Kuwako → “Watch 9” Hayashida: The Aim of the “Golden Relay” of Female Announcers | FRIDAY DIGITAL

NHK’s “News 7” Wakuda → “Kurogen” Kuwako → “Watch 9” Hayashida: The Aim of the “Golden Relay” of Female Announcers

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Wakuda (left) and Kuwako (right), who are so close that they even go out together in private (in ’19).

NHK’s “golden relay” has become the talk of the town.

NHK announcer Mayuko Wakuda, who gave birth to her first child last summer and finished her maternity leave, returned to the airwaves on April 3 with her flagship news program “News 7. At the beginning of the program, she said

She said at the beginning of the program, “I will newly take charge of the program from Monday to Thursday. I look forward to working with you.

NHK’s most popular announcer’s return to the network was greeted with

Welcome back!
I’ve been waiting for you!

The internet was inundated with comments of “Welcome back” and “I’ve been waiting for you!

In 1919, she married a company employee who had competed in the Hakone Ekiden relay race when she was a student. In 2008, she became the main anchor of “News Watch 9,” but when the program was reorganized last February, she had no regular programs. This was because she had gone on maternity leave after becoming pregnant and giving birth without announcing it to those around her.

She returned to work after only one year, but she still has a lot of work to do with her child,” she said. The unusual four appearances on News 7 from Monday through Thursday was also made in consideration of the burden on Wakuda. In any case, NHK made it a top priority to bring her back to News 7,” said a reporter in charge of broadcasting for a sports newspaper.

says a reporter in charge of broadcasting for a sports newspaper. When Wakuda’s “News 7” is over, NHK’s unshakable ace, Maho Kuwako, will start “Close-Up Today,” alongside her. Since Kuwako became the MC of “Kurogendai,” the ratings for the program have been favorable.

When celebrities hear that Kuwako is the interviewer, they give their OKs without hesitation. She is attentive and unpretentious. In addition, she is also worth teasing (laughs). Many people, including Keisuke Kuwata of the Southern All Stars, are her “favorites.

In the February 20 broadcast, Kuwako flew to Ukraine one year after the Russian invasion to see firsthand the scars of destruction. Kuwako cried when she heard the words of a Ukrainian woman who had lost relatives in the bombing. Her tears were echoed on the Internet.

After “Kurogen,” Risa Hayashida’s “News Watch 9” was next. Hayashida is said to be a candidate for NHK’s next ace, and is well known for her work on “Bratamori,” which she was in charge of until March. A source at the TV station said

Hayashida is a favorite of Tamori-san. NHK has high expectations for her, and has appointed her to ‘News Watch 9,’ which is a gateway to becoming a signature announcer,” said a source at the TV station.

He also said, “We have high expectations for her.

This completes the “golden relay” of Wakuda’s News 7, Kuwako’s Close-Up Today, and Hayashida’s News Watch 9. The aim is to keep NHK as the weekday evening channel of choice by having popular announcers in the same lineup.

In the meantime, some in the industry are already predicting that Kuwako will host the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Singing Contest) on New Year’s Eve. Last year, Kuwako was the host, and the year before that, Wakuda was the host.

It is said that the rotation is on an annual basis, and Kuwako, who was appointed last year, will probably take a break this year. The former has been leading a life that prioritizes child rearing. If that is the case, there is a possibility that Hayashida will finally be given a “big role.

said a reporter from a sports newspaper. What will happen?

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