A large collection of world-class eccentrics and oddballs! Too funny to be true, “Guinness World Records: The Latest 11 in a Row” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A large collection of world-class eccentrics and oddballs! Too funny to be true, “Guinness World Records: The Latest 11 in a Row”

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The Guinness Book of World Records will soon celebrate its 70th anniversary. It all started with a simple question, “Which bird can fly the fastest in Europe?” It all started with a trivial question: “Which is the fastest bird in Europe? Anything is possible with these weirdos. In this issue, we carefully select some of the most puzzling records!

The United States.
The Biggest Mechanical Wing in Cosplay Suits

Andy Holt, dressed as the American comic superhero “Hawkman,” stood out at the cosplay event and achieved a great feat! The 5.84-meter-long, 5.84-meter-wide wing is more painstaking to put on and take off than it is to create, he said. He designed it to fit in his own car to attend events around the country.

The largest mechanical wing in a cosplay suit

United Kingdom.
Fastest 20-meter backbend walk ever recorded

Liberty Barros, a resident of London, walked 20 meters in 22 seconds in the square in front of the Houses of Parliament in London while maintaining this position. The Guinness Book of World Records sets a new record every year, but since few people can hold this position in the first place, the chances of this record being broken may be quite small!

Fastest backbend walk of 20m

Distance pulled through a subway car by the neck

Eight months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in the missile-hit eastern city of Dnipro, an extreme sportsman connected a rope to a subway car weighing 32.5 tons and placed it around his neck, moving him 11m 55cm. This is the heaviest vehicle ever moved by neck power in the history of the Guinness Book of Records.

Distance Pulled by Subway Car by Neck

United States.
Longest length of moustache mastered

Men waiting to be measured for the length of their beards as they masturbate on moustache mastication in Wyoming. The participants were required to have a beard of at least 20cm in length to participate in the event, and at the end of the event, all participants lined up side by side and successfully created a 45m beard chain. This broke the previous Guinness record of approximately 19 meters!

The record for the longest beard chain

Number of cell phones in the collection

The 2,779 cell phones of 150 different types lined up in the background of the photo are the collection of Ekrem Karagüdekoglu, a resident of Istanbul. His home is filled with smart phones and cell phones, meticulously numbered and displayed on the walls, and his collection was broadcast on local television and the BBC.

The number of cell phones in his collection

Distance flown in a plane through the tunnel

The plane flew through the tunnel at 245 km/h for about 1.7 km at an altitude of about 1 m above the ground, just above ground level. The challenge was taken up by an Italian acrobatic aviator. It took him more than a year to prepare for this record flight, which he made between jobs. He flew through two tunnels in the suburbs of Istanbul in 43 seconds.

Distance flown by plane through tunnels

[Republic of South Africa
Consecutive days lived on a 25-meter pillar

Vernon Krueger came up with the idea for this challenge while climbing a palm tree during a vacation. The specially made barrels are equipped with a sewage system that lowers excrement to the ground. Under the pillar was “Team Vernon,” formed by his friends, who supported him for about 79 days.

Consecutive days he lived on the 25-meter pillar.

Underwater mermaid show with the largest number of people in the world

A huge aquarium in a resort hotel in China’s Hainan Province celebrated its third anniversary by putting on an underwater show featuring professional “mermaid performers. While fish and other creatures swam by, 110 men and women gave a series of highly challenging performances, including group dances, pair dances, torch ascents, 360-degree rotations, and side-swimming.

The underwater mermaid show with the largest number of people in the world

The world’s heaviest strawberry

The world’s largest “berry” strawberry, measuring 18 cm wide and 4 cm thick, weighed 289 grams. Weighing 289g, it broke the record set eight years ago in Fukuoka Prefecture with a 250g Amaou strawberry. A grower who received the result said, “It was colder than usual, so the ripening period was prolonged, which may have caused the strawberries to grow to be huge.

The world’s heaviest strawberry

The tin-ager with the longest hair in the world

A woman living in India who has never had her hair cut for 12 years since she was 6 years old. The length of her hair in the photo is more than 2 meters. An essential part of keeping her hair this long and beautiful is her mother’s homemade hair oil and shampoo. The effectiveness of the shampoo became so well known that it has now been commercialized and is available to the general public.

The tin-ager with the longest hair in the world

Soccer played at the highest point in the world

Former Portuguese national team player Luis Figo and eight others kicked off at an altitude of approximately 6,200 meters. They enjoyed playing in the weightless conditions inside the 75 m2 pitch. In the plane, they were free to perform high-level tricks. Figo happily fired off a series of volley shots. He also showed off his rough tricks of throwing and moving his teammates.

From the April 14, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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