Ghasi: “The X-Day is before GW…” Persuading the Dubai royal family of the “Neo-Tokyo concept” was ineffective, and “the police are closing in” on the suspect. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ghasi: “The X-Day is before GW…” Persuading the Dubai royal family of the “Neo-Tokyo concept” was ineffective, and “the police are closing in” on the suspect.

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Ghasi said he will never return to Japan… (from his official YouTube channel)

An X-day is approaching for Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. “Garcy,” who is believed to be currently in Dubai.

The suspect, who has an arrest warrant for threatening actor Go Ayano and others on social networking sites, is still fleeing the country. Investigators raided his mother’s house in Hyogo Prefecture, where she lives, on the grounds that he had been managing his YouTube earnings in an account in her name. They also questioned the sister.

Upset by this, Gershie took to Instagram Live and said, “Please don’t give me a break.

‘Please don’t let it be just Okan. ……’

and sobbed. After that, he made it clear that he would not use his online salon “GASYLE” or any other forum to talk about his own revelations.

Some people have asked me, “What will be left if you take away the exposés? I’ve heard a lot of people say, “What’s left if you take away the exposés from Garcy? In a recent live broadcast, he spoke passionately about his favorite manga, which was well received.

It seems that enthusiastic fans are more fascinated by Gershie’s talk skills and his big brotherly personality, which is friendly even to people he has never met before, than by his revealing stories. Some even go out of their way to meet him in Dubai at this time.

Gershie, who has been living a life that is hard to believe for someone with a warrant for his arrest, is being closely watched by the authorities.

Several scenarios are being considered. The arrest warrant was issued hours after he was expelled from the Diet, just as originally planned. From there, we put pressure on the suspect by searching his parents’ house, etc., and we envisioned two patterns: one in which Gershie would lose his patience, and the other in which he would not.

The latter pattern is currently in place, and the next X-Day is when Gershie’s passport will expire and he will become an “illegal alien. At the request of the National Police Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an order to return the passport on the 23rd of last month.

This order will be published in the Official Gazette for 20 days, and even if the person’s whereabouts are unknown, the person is deemed to have been notified, and if not returned, the passport will expire. The deadline for returning the passport is the 13th of this month.

The Japanese police cannot arrest you just because you have become an illegal immigrant. We will approach the investigating authorities in Dubai and ask them to take you into custody on charges of violating local laws. From there, after a hearing, they are deported back to Japan.

Although it was reported in some quarters that the Dubai authorities were reluctant to investigate, the Japanese investigative authorities had at least been planning a scenario of ordering the return of the passport and then deportation of the suspect since he was a member of the Diet. In my interviews, I did not sense any impatience on the part of the police, which may be because they have a “picture” of Ghasi’s arrest in mind.

In Dubai, power is concentrated in the hands of people related to the royal family. In Dubai, power is concentrated in the hands of people related to the royal family. Some weekly magazines reported that influential royalty interested in Gershie’s “Neo-Tokyo” concept seemed to be backing the suspect.

The “Neo-Tokyo” concept is to build a Japanese town in Dubai and invite entertainers and artists from the Gershys’ circle to hold festivals and other events to contribute to the development of both countries. However, according to a person involved in the project, “When Gershie was a member of the Diet

“The Neo-Tokyo idea was more realistic when Gershie was a member of the Diet. Now that he is a “wanted man,” the Dubai royal family will not have the advantage of protecting him to the end.

In other words, the next big move would be on April 13, when Ghasi’s passport expires. According to the sports newspaper reporter mentioned above.

“It appears that Ghasi has moved within Dubai, but the authorities are fully aware of his whereabouts. Naturally, such information has been passed on to the Dubai authorities. It seems that they want to settle the case before Golden Week.

The tension is mounting. Tensions are suddenly on the rise.

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