No “scent” at all like Mizuto-announcer and Nakamura Rinya… A collection of images of a big-name couple that the media didn’t notice until they got married. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

No “scent” at all like Mizuto-announcer and Nakamura Rinya… A collection of images of a big-name couple that the media didn’t notice until they got married.

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Mizuto Announces Marriage

The announcement of the marriage of NTV announcer Mami Mizuto (35) and popular actor Nakamura Rinya (36) caused a stir. The two had co-starred in NTV’s major campaign “Golden Manabi Week” in 1919. After that, they appeared together several times on variety shows, but it was only about two years ago that their relationship developed. Nakamura asked a mutual friend to introduce them to each other. However, during the two years between that time and the announcement of their marriage, Mizuto said, “I was very careful,

“I was very careful.

Thanks to this, the media did not notice their marriage.

She says, “When two celebrities, especially an actor and a female TV announcer who have worked together for many years, are in a relationship, it is tempting to tell one or two of your colleagues about it, even if you don’t want them to smell it on them. But she held back and told Koji Kato (53), her co-star on “Sukkiri,” “I didn’t have an image of Mizuto-chan getting married. I didn’t have an image of Mizuto-chan getting married! I had this image of Mizuto-chan being married. Considering this, many celebrities who have suddenly announced their marriages without any “hints” have high favorability ratings.

Speaking of couples who have made a big splash by suddenly announcing their marriages, the first couple to be mentioned is Minamoto Hoshino (42) and Yui Aragaki (34), who got married in 2009.

In fact, many photos of the two of them together were uploaded on the official SNS of the show. There were many opportunities for them to be seen by drama fans as lovers, married couples, or with their baby, and many fans wished that they would get married. It is rare for a couple to be congratulated by the public for their marriage announcement,” said a person involved in the production of a commercial TV drama.

Other couples include Momori Matsuzaka (34) and Erika Toda (34), Hiroshi Tamaki (43) and Haruka Kiminami (37), Hiroyuki Ariyoshi (48) and Miku Natsume (38), Ryota Yamasato (45) and Yu Aoi (37) from “Nankai Candies,” DAIGO (44) and Keiko Kitagawa (36), and Masato Sakai (49) and Miho Kanno (45), all of whom are highly They are all highly favorable. We would like to introduce their two-shot photos and date sites with their treasured photos.

Everyone was surprised and delighted by the marriage of Yui Aragaki and Gen Hoshino. The photo shows them when “Runaway” won the Drama Award at the “41st Hélandre Awards” in ’17 (Photo: Jiji Press)

Erika Toda and Momori Matsuzaka (’21, April 23 issue)

This is the first two-shot of the two after their marriage. They came to see the movie “Shin Evangelion” in perfect disguise.
Toda drove the car, but it was Matsuzaka who bought the tickets and drinks, with Toda walking closely behind Matsuzaka.
They parked the car in a parking lot in a residential area and headed for the movie theater. With this much disguise, no one would recognize the two.

Haruka Kiminami and Hiroshi Tamaki (December 20, ’19 issue)

Their marriage was a surprise, but the public was very surprised to see their first two-shot after their marriage
Tamaki Hiroshi & Kiminami Haruka’s very rare live date that they can’t show their fans
Hiroshi Tamaki and Haruka Kiminami’s intense rare live date that they can’t show their fans

Hiroyuki Ariyoshi and Miku Natsume (June 25, 2009 issue)

A month after their marriage announcement, we found the two walking their dog. Their relationship had been rumored for some time, but the announcement of their marriage surprised and delighted everyone!
It is Ariyoshi’s job to hold the poodle’s leash. The two enjoyed a leisurely stroll without worrying about the eyes of passersby.
September 2009. Newlywed Miku Natsume goes shopping.

Ryota Yamasato and Yu Aoi (August 20 and 27, ’21).

Two years after their marriage. They were enjoying a friendly evening stroll. Yamasato has become increasingly likable as the new MC of “DayDay.” (NTV) since April.
The two in a relaxed mood

Keiko Kitagawa and DAIGO (’15 Jan. 16 issue)

Keiko Kitagawa and DAIGO come out of a high-class shabu-shabu restaurant; even the happily married couple had a time when they hid their relationship.
Announcer Mizuto attending the couple’s wedding in 2004.

Masato Sakai and Miho Kanno (Sept. 7, ’18)

Sakai and Kanno playing in the park. Sakai was so excited on the swings that they were drenched in sweat.
Masato Sakai and Miho Kanno relaxing in a park in Tokyo.
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