Fans rejoice at Nanao’s ’10-headed goddess praised in black swimsuit’! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Nanao’s ’10-headed goddess praised in black swimsuit’!

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Nanao is described as a 10-headed woman (AFLO)

Model and actress Nanao has become the talk of the town after she showed off her best black bikini in a web article for VOGUE HONG KONG. The article called Nanao a goddess and described her as having “43-inch beautiful legs” and “ten heads”.

The photo of Nanao in the article was taken at a tropical poolside. Nanao is wearing a black bikini and is posing with her arms on a thick tree branch and her legs crossed. She is wearing sunglasses with round lenses. The white flower hair ornament she wears around her ears is adorable. Her light blue ring also adds to the summery atmosphere.

She is wearing a cute, mature smile with her mouth slightly closed and the corners of her mouth turned up. Her tight waist shows the effort she puts in to maintain her ideal body shape. And above all, her beautiful legs stretching out from her bikini pants are glorious.

The article introduced Nanao by saying, “How much do you know about goddesses? and introduced Nanao. The article introduced Nanao as “How much do you know about the goddess?” She was originally a model, but as an actress, she developed her presence by playing “bad girl” roles. The article also explains how professional Nanao is in maintaining her figure. The article is full of Nanao’s charm.

Nanao is also attracting a lot of attention from people outside of Hong Kong. This spring, she was selected as one of the 14 women in the world who are “elegant and independent, active in various fields” in the “Crossroads Project” launched by Giorgio Armani. The publication of the article in Hong Kong is likely to spark her popularity outside Japan.

From Japan’s Nanao to the world’s Nanao – we can’t take our eyes off this ten-headed goddess any longer!

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