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New Juryo Fuji Seiun Left His Job as a Factory Worker at Toppan Printing To Become a Salaried Wrestler

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Fuji Seigumo smiles at the press conference after winning promotion to juryo (PHOTO: Jiji Press)

I’m glad I was able to pursue my dream and become a sekitori, rather than continuing to work and regretting it.

Fuji Aoun (25), who will be promoted to the new juryo division at the summer tournament (first day, May 14), attended a press conference held on March 29 and expressed his joy.

Seiun Fuji’s career is unique. He began Sumo when he was a junior high school student in Kumamoto Prefecture. He was a member of the sumo clubs at Buntoku High School and Meiji University, and after graduating from university he went to work for Toppan Printing.

“He was recognized for his ability even as a student, winning eighth place in the national high school tournament and eighth place in the national student weight class under 135 kg. After entering the workforce, he continued to be a member of Toppan Printing’s Sumo Club as a businessman wrestler. The Toppan Printing Sumo Club, founded in 1954, is a traditional and powerful organization. I believe that Seiun Fuji joined the club with high aspirations,” said a reporter for a sports newspaper.

New Corona prevents the tournament from being held.

Seiun Fuji worked at a factory in Saitama Prefecture. He must have thought about devoting himself to sumo while working as a laborer, but why did he switch to the world of sumo?

Seiun Fuji joined Toppan Printing in the spring of 2008. That year, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, there were no sumo tournaments for working people at all. Practice was also almost nonexistent. As for Fuji Seiun, he must have felt incomplete. He thought that if he continued to work for the company and could not wrestle, he would quit his job and pursue his dream of becoming a professional sumo wrestler.

After nine months, Seiun Fuji decided to leave Toppan Printing. He decided to leave Toppan Printing after nine months and entered the Fujishima stable, where his master was former ozeki Busozan.

“He was introduced to the Fujishima stable by his stablemate Yamabun Oyakata (former Makuuchi Takeoyama), also a graduate of Meiji University. Although he started later than many other rikishi, Fujio Aoun was a tease. He is loved by younger rikishi because of his gentle and serious character,” said a sumo association official.

However, Fuji Aoun’s gentle character has a downside in professional competition. In the November tournament last year, he was ranked second in the makushita division and had a chance to be promoted to juryo, but he lost three consecutive bouts while on the verge of winning the tournament.

Fujishima Oyakata, Fujio’s master, said at the press conference announcing Fujio’s promotion to juryo that he was frustrated. He also said, ‘I think he is gaining strength on the ground, but his mentality is weak. He is aware of the problems he faces. To strengthen his spirit, he has been practicing every day.’

It has been 23 years since Yamabu Oyakata, a former Toppan Printing Co. The former Toppan Printing businessman realized part of his dream in the two full years since his first appearance in the ring in the spring of 2021.

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