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Tetsuya Takeda’s Past Problematic Statements Under Fire Are Not New

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Will Tetsuya Takeda continue to make problematic comments.

He said, “You mean, ‘I said bad things about other people. We say as much as we want behind the scenes.

On March 26, Tetsuya Takeda, 73, appeared on “Wide Nah Show” (Fuji Television Network) and said this about the alleged violation of the Violent Acts Punishment Law by Gershie (Yoshikazu Higashitani), who threatened celebrities. He added,

He added, “Is he wanted internationally and his passport taken away for that much difference in what he does or doesn’t say publicly? No matter how you look at it, if there is a legal scale, it doesn’t fit.

He then went on to say, “I don’t know how to think about it.” This comment was taken by viewers as a “defense of Gershwin,” and the firestorm continues to rage. However, Takeda’s “problematic comments” are nothing new.

Takeda said, “There have been many times on ‘Wide Nasho,’ and I have made problematic comments on other programs as well. But each time, thanks to the skillful follow-up by Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto (59) and his co-stars, it somehow managed to avoid becoming a problem. This time, however, he not only equated the alleged threats with mere name-calling, but also exposed his lack of knowledge of the law. As a commentator, that would be fatal.

So what kind of problematic statements has Takeda made so far? Let us list them again.

On the October 22, 2017 broadcast of “Wide Nah Show,” a Hollywood actress reported an incident in which she accused a major Hollywood movie producer of sexually harassing her for the past 30 years. Takeda then said,

I often touch [women’s bodies] too. People don’t get along unless you show them how much you like them, or how sloppy you are, or how disgusting you are.

Takeda said, “I often touch [women’s bodies].

On the February 2, 2020, broadcast of “Wide Nah Show,” Takeda spoke about the “system of selective surname separation for married couples,

Takeda prefaced his remarks by saying, “I think it’s a matter of what a woman is prepared to do.

Takeda prefaced his comment by saying, “It’s a matter of a woman’s determination,

“Changing one’s surname is a problem for women, but I think it is a problem for marriage.

This is what marriage is all about. This comment drew a lot of criticism.

Takeda was suddenly criticized by many for her comment on the November 12, 2015 broadcast of “Ano news de tsukasuru hito sore wo sasuto hito” (NTV), titled “The Reason Why My House is Shiny Even with a Big Family,” in which the house of Hori Chiemi (56), who is raising seven children, was introduced,

Takeda suddenly said, “You know those documentaries about people who have stumbled upon a large family? I guess those people are already screwed up from the start.

Takeda then remarked, “I guess those people are screwed from the start. The host, Terumoto Goto of Football Hour (48), said, “No, no, no, no!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! That’s not true!

But Takeda continued, “But, they have a big family (indoors),

But Takeda continued, “But if there are people with big families who keep their rooms clean, people with big families who can only keep their rooms dirty, they have…stumbled from the very beginning!”

I said.

On the February 21, 2004 broadcast of “Wide Nah Show,” he mentioned that “FRIDAY” had reported the affair between Bunshi Katsura (79) and enka singer Shiyan (died March 7, 2007 at age 41) and titled the article “Master, Were You a Gesu Too?

I’m not a prick!”

He raised his voice and said, “I’m not a prick!

“It’s a splendidly wrong love, without a single cloud of doubt!”

He stressed, “It’s a splendid wrong love without a single cloud.

On March 2, 2009, Takeda touched on the topic of the new coronavirus in his radio program “Tetsuya Takeda: This Morning’s Sanpai Oroshi” (Bunka Hoso), for which he is a radio personality,

Takeda said, “The (new type of) coronavirus There is no doubt that (the new coronavirus) came from China.

Takeda then went on to discuss the problem,

“There are no refrigerators in ordinary Chinese homes,” he asserted.

Takeda continued, “There is no doubt that the new coronavirus came from China. He continued,

Japan has refrigerators. China may have a few refrigerators in the market, but ordinary households do not have refrigerators to store meat, so it is sold alive. From tongs to snakes to civets to armadillos to bats.

Takeda is a very well-known figure in the “3 Years B” series.

Speaking of Takeda, he has many famous quotes from his role as Kinpachi Sakamoto in the “3 Years B Class Kinpachi Sensei” series (TBS), including this one.

The character for “correct” is written as “one” and “stop. Please be a person who can stop and make a decision.

Before you become an “old” commentator, please remember these words spoken by Kinpachi-sensei.

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