Grandfather was a brutalist” and “lived a life of opulence with black money”… Grandson of South Korean President Jeon Doo-hwan reveals allegations of “astronomical family slush fund”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Grandfather was a brutalist” and “lived a life of opulence with black money”… Grandson of South Korean President Jeon Doo-hwan reveals allegations of “astronomical family slush fund”.

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Mr. Chung made a shocking confession (PHOTO: Jiji Press)

My grandfather committed a crime too great. He is an atrocity. As a member of his family, I sincerely apologize.”

A man visiting Gwangju, in the southwestern part of South Korea, knelt down and apologized.

The man is Chung Woo-won, 27, grandson of the late former President Jeon Doo-hwan. Gwangju was the site of the “Gwangju Incident” in May 1980, in which Jeon Doo-hwan suppressed the pro-democracy movement by force, resulting in numerous casualties. On March 31, Chung met with the victims and their families and apologized for his grandfather’s actions as a “crime.

On March 28, Chung returned to Korea from New York, the United States, where he was staying. He had confessed to drug use on his SNS and was taken into custody by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department’s Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit shortly after his arrival at Incheon International Airport. However, he was released the next day after admitting the charges and voluntarily returning to Japan. He also visited the victims of the Gwangju Incident, which he had publicly stated he would do.

9.2 Billion Yen in Additional Surcharges Unpaid

President Jeon was sentenced to life imprisonment in ’97 (PHOTO: Reuters/Afro)

Although Chung is regarded as a hero in some quarters for his apology to the victims, he has been involved in a series of controversial statements and actions since the beginning of March. The first to attract attention was a series of assertions on social networking sites beginning on March 14.

My grandfather Jeon was convicted of bribery and civil commotion in 1997 in a political fund fraud case and sentenced to life imprisonment (later granted a special pardon). He was also ordered to pay approximately 22.1 billion yen in additional fines. However, even today, some 9.2 billion yen remains unpaid, and the family was said to be living in poverty.

However, Mr. Chung revealed that the family is “living a luxurious life with black money. As for his uncle, who runs a winery in California, he says, “The business smells fishy because only people with astronomical amounts of money can enter it. The report also posted a video of Mr. Jeon’s wife playing screen golf at his mansion. She also posted a video of Jeon’s wife playing screen golf at his mansion, saying, “He is living a life of extravagant indulgence.

According to Chung, there is a huge amount of hidden funds in the Jeon family’s coffers. According to Chung, the Jeon family has a vast amount of secret funds hidden in its coffers, which are in the names of other people, thus avoiding detection and further fines.

Mr. Chung also confesses that the family is trying to gain citizenship in the U.S. and avoid pursuit from South Korea. He said some of the people involved are guilty of drug use, sexual assault, and fraudulent admissions. Some of the postings were deleted shortly afterward,” he said.

Former President Zen died in November ’21 (PHOTO: Reuters/Afro)

It wasn’t just the revelation of the secret funding scandal that caused a stir; in a March 17 post, he himself took drugs while streaming a live video.

The intention of the post was, “I am a criminal (as well as my family) and I should be caught. He took drugs one after another, saying things like, “This is MDMA (a synthetic drug) and this is DMT (a hallucinogenic drug). Gradually, Mr. Chung became slurred, his face contorted, and he began to cry, saying, “I’m afraid. His body began to shake and he began to sprawl on the floor.

Someone must have heard the commotion and called the police. Police officers and paramedics broke into Mr. Chong’s room, ending the live broadcast, which lasted about an hour and a half. Mr. Chung was then taken to the hospital, where he is said to be recovering.

The Jeon family claimed to the Korean media that “Mr. Chung has been suffering from depression, which has recently worsened considerably. Meanwhile, Mr. Chung has not been in contact with his family and continues to maintain that his grandfather is a sinner. A shocking confession from the grandson of an ex-president whose true identity is still unknown. The furor is not likely to subside for some time.

The Gwangju Incident in May 1980 (PHOTO: Reuters/Afro)
  • PHOTO. Jiji Press Reuters/Afro

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