From “nervousness” at the hands of a world-famous artist to dating a popular actress… In memoriam, the real Ryuichi Sakamoto as seen by this magazine | FRIDAY DIGITAL

From “nervousness” at the hands of a world-famous artist to dating a popular actress… In memoriam, the real Ryuichi Sakamoto as seen by this magazine

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Mr. Sakamoto was active not only in music but also in political issues (September 18, ’15 issue)

The news of the passing of musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, who died on March 28, is not limited to Japan. According to “FNN Prime Online,” American media,

Ryuichi Sakamoto was highly acclaimed for his film music, which blended Eastern and Western cultural influences,” according to “FNN Prime Online.

Yonhap News Agency of South Korea introduced him as “a master of film music.

He expanded his boundaries from pioneering electronic music to classical music, and was recognized as a musician of international renown.”

and expressed condolences. The French media also,

He composed unforgettable film music. A pioneer in digital sound, he was also a passionate environmentalist.

and “a pioneer of digital sound and an avid environmentalist,” the French media reported.

Sakamoto was called “Professor,” “World Famous Sakamoto,” “Lone Genius,” and many other titles that the world admired him by. This magazine has reported on Sakamoto’s movements from his youthful days when he was “nervous” in front of world-famous artists to his appearance on stage at the “Opposition to the Security Treaty Bill” demonstration. Here are some of them.

Nervous before the god of video performance (February 1, 1985 issue)

In 1984, Mr. Sakamoto decided to work with Nam June Paik, a world-renowned video artist, to produce a video work. The magazine published photos taken at the production site, but Sakamoto was as nervous as a borrowed cat. The reason for this?

When the professor saw Mr. Paik’s solo exhibition in Japan in June 1984, he was so impressed by the artist’s originality, which defied conventional wisdom, that he wanted the unit to be realized.

The work produced by the two artists was released as “All-Star Video with Ryuichi Sakamoto by Nam June Paik” at the end of that year.

With actors from “The Last Emperor.” From left, John Lone. Diane Lane. Joanne. Ryuichi Sakamoto (February 5, 1988)

With the leading actors of “The Last Emperor” at a big party (February 5, 1988).

Sakamoto became the first Japanese to win the Best Composer Award at the 60th Academy Awards ceremony held on April 11 for his film “The Last Emperor,” released in 1987. Three months prior to the film’s release in Japan, a party was held on January 12, inviting the cast and crew. Along with Mr. Sakamoto, the host of the party, were John Lone, who stars in the film, Joanne, who plays his wife, and Hollywood actress Diane Lane. From Japan, a lineup of distinguished actors including Jimpachi Nezu, Mariko Fuji, and Hiroyuki Sanada were in attendance.

The overwhelming performance at the Budokan live concert for the first time in eight years (May 10 and 17, 1991 issue)

The “We Love Music, We Love the Earth ’91” concert held at the Budokan on April 22 was Sakamoto’s first solo concert at the Budokan in eight years. The concert featured eight songs, beginning with the Academy Award and Grammy Award-winning “The Last Emperor” and ending with the Golden Globe Award-winning “Sheltering Sky. He also sang vocals on two of the songs. The theme of the concert was “Earth Conscious.

The theme of the concert was “Earth Consciousness,” which was not “Body Conscious,” but rather, “Let’s be conscious of the earth just as we are conscious of our bodies,” he told the audience with humor.

He explained to the audience with humor. The concert was broadcast via satellite to 902 stations in 29 countries, reaching 2.3 billion people. It was truly a “global” event. It was only because of Mr. Sakamoto that such a large-scale event could be realized.

The World’s Sakamoto” talks about where he is today (September 20, 1991 issue)

In 1991, Mr. Sakamoto returned to Japan for a promotional campaign to play the role of Sessue Hayakawa, the first Japanese actor in Hollywood, in “Hollywood Zen,” a film directed by Nagisa Oshima, who had not acted in Japan for a long time. This magazine conducted an exclusive interview with him. Mr. Sakamoto responded to being called “one of Japan’s leading musicians,

I am a private musician, not a cultural goodwill ambassador,” he said.

I am not a cultural goodwill ambassador,” he said. As for New York, where he was living at the time, Sakamoto said, “I’m not happy living in America,

New York is powerful, but it’s even more dangerous.

He said he was thinking of moving to Paris.

Intimate date with a famous actress (May 5, ’00 issue)

Energy Flow” released in 1999 sold approximately 1.6 million copies. It was in mid-April ’00 that I witnessed a date between Ms. Sakamoto, who had been going strong for some time, and the actor Mayu Tsuruta (29 at the time). They were enjoying dinner at an Italian restaurant in Minato Ward. At that time, the two were frequently seen in Hiroo (Minato Ward) and Roppongi (Minato Ward). At the time, Sakamoto had a wife, artist Akiko Yano (68), but they divorced in 2006.

Sakamoto at a “demonstration against the Security Treaty” (September 18, 2003 issue)

On August 30, ’15, groups opposing the security-related bills under discussion in the House of Councillors held large protest rallies across Japan. In front of the National Diet Building in Tokyo, the “Don’t Let War and Article 9 be Destroyed! The “Sohgakari Executive Committee” and the student group SEALs called for a large number of people to gather in front of the Diet building in Tokyo. A total of 120,000 people were said to have gathered, filling the road in front of the National Diet.

Mr. Sakamoto also participated in the demonstration. She took the stage,

“When I saw the SEALs and women speaking out, I thought there is hope for Japan,” she said.

I don’t want this to be a one-time thing. I will act together with them.

I want this to not be a temporary thing.

The many accomplishments that Mr. Sakamoto has made so far will be carried on and on.

At the party to celebrate the Japanese release of the movie “The Last Emperor” (Feb. 5, ’88 issue)
A stunning performance at the Budokan after an eight-year absence (May 10 and 17, ’91 issue)
Mr. Sakamoto gave an exclusive interview to this magazine (September 20, 1991 issue)
With Director Nagisa Oshima at the press conference to announce the production of the fantastic movie “Hollywood Zen” (Sept. 20, 1991 issue)
Mayu Tsuruta and an Italian date were spotted and photographed (May 5, 2000 issue).
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