Korea’s next generation of golf’s sexy queen makes her debut in Japan! Jung Ji-yu’s “Beautiful Swing and Smile | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Korea’s next generation of golf’s sexy queen makes her debut in Japan! Jung Ji-yu’s “Beautiful Swing and Smile

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Jung Ji-yu is highly popular in Korea. Her spectacular play can finally be seen in Japan!

The next generation sexy queen of Korean golf has finally made her debut on the Japan Women’s Tour. Her name is Jung Ji-yu, 27, and she played in the Rasinck Ningenia/RKB Ladies, the second event of the Step Up Tour, held from March 28 to 29.

From the first day, she was notably stiff, making one birdie and eight bogeys for a 79. On the second and final day, she made no birdies and five bogeys for a 77, finishing in a tie for 80th place at 12-over-par. He finished tied for 80th place at 12-over-par with a birdie-less, 5-bogey “77” on the second and final day.

I was very nervous because the atmosphere of the match was different from that in Korea. I hadn’t played a match since the QT (qualifying round) in Japan last year, and the atmosphere was quite different, so I was a bit confused. Even so, I enjoyed the match.”

The challenge is to get used to the different green turf in Korea. The green grass quality is different between Japanese and Korean golf courses, making it difficult to read the lines, she said. Jung Ji-yu continues.

I felt that I had to think about and change my approach, putting, and other practice methods to suit the Japanese courses, as practicing according to Korean courses is not enough. I want to get used to the course as soon as possible.”

The challenge in Japan has only just begun. There is no time to look down, and Jung Ji-yu has already changed her mind. He is looking forward to the new scenery and food he will encounter as he travels throughout Japan on tour.

Originally, I often come to Japan on vacation, and there are many more things I want to enjoy,” she said. In particular, all the food in Japan is delicious, and sushi is my favorite. I have never tried kaiseki cuisine, so I would like to find a good place to eat it.

At over 170 cm tall, she has a style that rivals that of top models, and she can wear any kind of clothing.

Jung Ji-yu is a 173cm tall model with a beautiful swing and a tight fit. It is not only her game that catches the eye. She started playing golf at the age of 18 and turned pro just two years later, earning her the nickname “the late-blooming rookie. He has been called a “late-blooming rookie.” He passed the Japanese professional test, which is said to be “harder than getting into the University of Tokyo,” in a single shot, so he has plenty of ability. He analyzes his strengths as follows.

I don’t have violent emotional ups and downs, so even if I make a mistake, I don’t fall apart too badly. If I had to pick a club that I am good at, I would say I am confident with a wedge at 90 yards.

As for her goal for this season, she stated, “To win a spot on the regular tour without going to the QT (Qualifying Tournament). In order to do so, she needs to achieve consistent results in every round on the Step Up Tour, which is her main event. Nevertheless, as she overcomes the issues she found in her first round and becomes more accustomed to the courses and environment in Japan, she should be able to achieve good results.

She has played in Korea since ’16.’ In the ’19 U.S. Women’s Open Korea Qualifier, she finished in the top tie and qualified for the main draw.
In ’20, she won her first tournament on the Korean 2nd Division Tour. In 2009, she joined the regular first division tour, and this year, she is fully prepared to play in Japan.
A powerful driver shot from his tall stature.
Jung Ji-yu with a serious expression on her face.
Smiling in between moves. Many fans come to the venue to see this smile.
From his Instagram
From his own Instagram
  • Interview and writing Myung-Woo Kim PHOTO. MHN Sports, KLPGA

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