A “rental service” where “fat people” weighing over 100 kilograms gather is too much fun. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A “rental service” where “fat people” weighing over 100 kilograms gather is too much fun.

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“Please eat your dinner next to me.
Please take care of my dog on the beach because I want to swim in the ocean.

A website offering such unusual services is gradually gaining popularity among people who say that fat people are their favorite type.

*In this article, “fat” is used as a positive word in accordance with the “Debukkari” policy of “making fat people cool.

The name of the site is “Debukkari. The “elite” who weigh more than 100 kilograms can be rented for as little as 2,000 yen per hour.

The “fat people” are of different ages, genders, and regions, with pop catchphrases such as “fat people who can sing,” “fat people who are just bright,” and “just fat people.

Mr. Yurin (35), a “heavy but active fatty” weighing 200 kg, holds the title of “golden fatty” for his numerous rental experiences. We asked Mr. Amayan (39), who also weighs 110 kg and is “a fat guy who is good at making a good face,” about the reality of the “Debukari” service.

Mr. Yurin : “When I was in high school, I weighed 30 kg. I got hooked on extreme dieting and lost a lot of weight. In reaction to that, I became bulimic, and by the time I was 20, I weighed 80 kilograms. I steadily gained weight since then and hit the 200 kg mark a few years ago. I found out about Debukkari on Twitter in the spring of ’22. I thought it might be too heavy for me at 200 kg, but I was successfully registered.

Mr. Amayan : “When I was in junior high school, I was also slim because I worked out with the rugby team. After I went to high school and stopped exercising, I gradually gained weight. However, I stayed in the 90-kilogram range for a long time, and it was only five years ago that I exceeded 100 kilograms, so I am a newcomer in the “fat world. I found out about Debukkari quite early and registered in June 2009, two months after the service was launched. I had been looking for a way to sell my “fat” body for some time, so Debukkari was the perfect match for me.

I was able to register with DebuCali without any problems, but I wondered if anyone would be interested in renting me. Although he was skeptical, he was surprised at how quickly he was able to find someone willing to rent him.

Amayan : “One month after I registered, my first request was to be a guest at a party. The president of a company seemed to be a big “fat lover,” and she wanted me to make a surprise appearance at her birthday party, which was being held within the company. I thought this was a maniacal request right from the start, but I was serious. I appeared at the venue with the biggest smile on my face. The party was a blast, and I felt a great sense of fulfillment too. In my daily life, fat people have a narrow shoulder to lean on. It is not uncommon for me to be tongue-tied by the passenger next to me just for sitting on a train. But that day, I was greeted with cheers and applause as if I were a celebrity, and I could make everyone smile just by being there.” I felt the potential of “debu.”

Yurin : “Three weeks after I registered, I received a request. He was a man from Nagoya and wanted a dinner date. The rental time was about 5 hours and we were treated to a high-end yakiniku restaurant. Not only this man, but many people come all the way from the countryside by bullet train or plane.”

The two men quickly became successful, but their requests are in stark contrast.

Mr. Amayan : “In my case, I am often asked to play the role of a “fat person. For example, for a variety show project, I helped to test how many meters of water would be splashed on a waterslide if 10 fat people were put on a boat. Other requests come from food stalls and festivals. We also received a request from a corn stall to “cherry-pick” corn for them to keep eating corn at the stall. Perhaps it was the effect of the ‘beckoning fatty,’ but thanks to that we had a line out the door at the store.”

Yurin : “I get a lot of one-on-one date requests. Most of my clients are men, but many women say, ‘I want to go with you to a restaurant that interests me. Other than dinner, we go to the movies together. When they are my size, they can’t fit in the premium seats at the movie theater, so we always watch on the sofa. We have many repeat customers, and some people come once a month from outlying areas. Through Debukkari, I have learned that there are many people who are in need of fat people, and I have become more positive about being a fat person.

In order to stay registered on Debukkari, one must keep one’s weight over 100 kilograms. Perhaps because he is registered on such a site, he says he is under pressure to keep gaining weight.

Mr. Amayan said, “Debukkari is a service that sells weight over 100 kg, so my routine is to go to all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu for lunch on Fridays to keep my weight down. My max is 120 kilos, but right now I weigh about 110 kilos. When my weight exceeds 100 kg, it easily goes up and down by about 10 kg. Especially since I work at a sauna restaurant, if I am not careful, I can easily drop below 100 kg, so the pressure to keep gaining weight is amazing.

Yurin : “I understand. I understand. 10 kg of weight is an “error”. People in the world make a fuss about gaining or losing weight when they weigh only a few kilograms, but when you become a “fatty,” your weight goes up and down by about 10 kilograms in a single day. Rather than eating three meals a day, I eat whenever I am hungry. If it is rice, I eat two cups of rice; if it is less than one cup, it is as if I have not eaten at all. I like bread, noodles, and anything else, but I almost never eat vegetables or other so-called healthy foods. If I feel pain in my knees or the soles of my feet when I stand up, it is a sign that I have gained more than 10 kg of weight. At that time, I eat some vegetables to ease my mind, and after that I eat junk food and sweets. I think I am a small eater among “fatties,” but I maintain my figure by eating high-calorie foods and staying in motion, like taking a cab even 200 meters away.

On the other hand, she is always concerned about her health. Does he ever think, “I want to lose weight?

Mr. Yurin : “Everywhere I go, people tell me to lose weight. Doctors say it will shorten my life span by 10 years. But actually, my blood test results are good every time. My blood sugar and cholesterol levels are normal, and other than my weight, I am healthy. I don’t know if I will be healthy in the future, but if I lose weight, I will lose my job. I honestly feel conflicted about how long I will continue to be a “fat” person.

Mr. Amayan : “I believe that there is no retirement age for fat people. For example, even if I eat high-calorie food, if I eat twice as much vegetables as other people, I will be plus or minus zero. I am seeking a way to maintain a plump figure to the extent that I don’t get sick. What I am interested in now is product development. I think there are many more jobs that make use of my “fat” body, such as high-calorie bento lunches devised by the “fat calli” members and restaurants that only serve food with more than 1,000 kcal. We will continue to pursue the possibilities of “fat.

The world of fat people has unique jobs and values. Readers who want to know more about the world of fat people should try out “fat calli” for themselves.

A sofa big enough for four people looks small when two people sit on it.
The “Golden Fatties” smiling and saying, “We can eat this much!
The elevator is supposed to accommodate six people, but the reporter and I were not allowed to ride in the elevator together.
Mr. Yurin, who was chewing a Big Mac, surprised Mr. Amayan as well, saying, “A Big Mac looks like the size of a steamed bun.

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