What happened during the 6 days of silence?” Suspect Gershey is on the verge of a mental breakdown due to the search of his parents’ house and the “questioning” of his sister. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

What happened during the 6 days of silence?” Suspect Gershey is on the verge of a mental breakdown due to the search of his parents’ house and the “questioning” of his sister.

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Gershey, who also announced the “suspension of exposure” at a paid members’ salon… (from his official YouTube channel)

Something is happening to Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. Gershey.

He has been arrested on suspicion of violating the Violent Acts Act (habitual threats) and defamation of character for threatening actor Go Ayano and others. The suspect is believed to be currently in Dubai, UAE, and authorities have requested a passport return order from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. By the middle of next month, Ghasi’s passport will no longer be valid and he will be in the country illegally.

However, whether or not Ghasi can be arrested immediately is another matter. A source with knowledge of the situation said

“It seems that the situation is very delicate whether we can get Dubai’s cooperation. In Dubai, if you have money and connections, you can obtain a golden visa that allows you to stay for a long period of time. Because Dubai is such a country, people from all over the world come here with “special reasons. It is difficult to imagine that Dubai’s investigative authorities would take aggressive action against a defamation-level “inquirer,”” he testified.

Gershwin testified.

Ideally, Ghasi would change his mind and return to Japan to turn himself in. At first, when a warrant was issued for his arrest, the suspect said, “I was prepared to never return to Japan.

He reopened the situation by saying, “I am now prepared to never go back to Japan.

However, his mentality began to change when the police raided his home in Hyogo Prefecture, where his mother lives.

Gershey tearfully wrote on Instagram.

‘Please don’t let it be just Okan. I’m sorry…”

He pleaded, “Please don’t hurt me. There is no doubt that he was upset by the authorities’ move.

It is not only the threatening behavior that has caught the attention of investigators. They are also looking closely at the “flow of money” surrounding Gershie. It is already known that the majority of YouTube sales were managed through an account in the name of Gershie’s sister.

The sister is also being questioned by the authorities. Although it is highly unlikely that the sister is involved in this case, it is essential to investigate her account and her interactions with Gershie in order to find out how the money was transferred.

The authorities are also keeping an eye on GASYLE, an online salon set up by the suspect Gershie, and are investigating the movement of money deposited by customers. It seems that the suspicion of money laundering has not been dismissed,” said a police alumnus.

When he learned of the raid on his parents’ house as well as the interview of his sister, Garcie became severely depressed and stopped updating his social networking service on March 24. He finally resumed on March 30. He posted a message on Instagram’s Stories function titled “To my followers.

I apologize for the worry I have caused you by not sending out any messages for a long time.

After apologizing, he added, “I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused you.

In light of the recent incident, I will refrain from posting anything on social networking sites other than GASYLE for a little while.

He said that he would respond to DMs other than those that were anti-GASYLE or slanderous.

The reason for his silence for six days was probably because he was shocked that his relatives had been involved. At the same time, he was forced to rethink his future strategy.

If he continued to expose celebrities, it would further provoke the authorities and might bring fire to his family again. Even now, he seems to be angry at Go Ayano for accusing him, but he has decided to keep quiet for a while,” said a person who knows Garcie.

At GASYLE, he would like to report on what is going on with the members and talk about fun things, not exposés.

It is a causal story that GASYLE, which is known for its extreme exposés, will become a “healing space” for Gershie. He must be in such a mental state. Now that the authorities cannot get Dubai’s cooperation, they are waiting for Ghasi’s heart to break.

The “psychological battle” with the authorities is likely to continue for some time. ……

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