Aiko is Shohei Otani…! Reputation at Gakushuin, “Marriage Reports” and “Longing for Emperor Aiko | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Aiko is Shohei Otani…! Reputation at Gakushuin, “Marriage Reports” and “Longing for Emperor Aiko

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Princess Aiko at the Emperor’s 63rd Birthday General Visit to the Emperor’s Palace. Her behavior at that time was also talked about. PHOTO: Representative photo/Reuters/Afro

Aiko is really wonderful. She is smart, has a good personality, and everything is perfect. She’s smart, has a great personality, and is perfect in every way. I think she is like Shohei Otani.

A student at Gakushuin University, where the emperor’s eldest daughter, Princess Aiko, attends, said, “She’s just like Shohei Otani. Aiko will be entering her fourth year of university this spring, and she is “junior” to him.

She is a student at Gakushuin University, where Aiko, the eldest daughter of the Imperial Family, will be entering her fourth year of university this spring. Even though she was a member of the royal family, she was not overbearing at all, but rather attentive to those around her. She was very attentive. He had good grades and was a senior whom I respected.”

She likens her admiration for Aiko to that of Shohei Otani, the baseball player who captivated Japan and the world with his two-fisted style, and she praises Aiko without reservation for her “intelligence and good character. In addition to those close to her, Aiko’s reputation has only grown since her “coming-of-age” press conference last year. At the same time, there have even been calls for Aiko to be the next emperor.

Growing Up Overcoming Hardships as a Child

When she was in elementary school, there was a time when she could not go to school. The hardships she overcame with her mother, Masako, may have influenced Aiko’s growth.

At that time, the whole of Japan criticized the family. However, the Crown Prince at the time did his best to protect Masako, who was unable to attend to her official duties. Nurtured by the love of her parents, Princess Aiko was able to return to her normal life.

Midori Watanabe, a journalist on the Imperial Household who passed away last year, noted the solidarity of the Emperor’s family and the depth of their love for each other. Aiko, who was once a lovely, delicate young girl, has grown up with grace and dignity. And now, as she prepares to graduate from college in a year’s time, her career path is also attracting attention. And then there is the matter of “marriage.

Most marriages in the royal family are difficult. But as a human being, I want her to be happy. One of the candidates for Princess Aiko is the son of her father’s friend Kaya (Mr. Masanori Kayo), two brothers who are a little older than Aiko and are also the right age for her. The two brothers are a little older than Aiko, so they are the perfect age match, and more importantly, their father knows each other well, so there can be no mistake. As long as the two of them are in the right frame of mind, there is no better match for them. However, this is only if the feelings are right,” said Watanabe.

After graduating from Gakushuin University’s Department of Japanese Language and Literature (now the Department of Japanese Language and Literature), her aunt Kiyoko Kuroda, whom Princess Aiko adored, took a job as a part-time research assistant at the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology, making use of her expertise. She became the first female member of the Imperial Family to become a working member of society. Later, she married a civil servant. She lives in an apartment in Tokyo and frequently visits her parents, the Queen Mother and Princess Michiko.

It is said that Princess Aiko may go on to graduate school after completing her undergraduate degree. If she is going to find a job, it is probably time for her “job hunting” to reach its climax. Whatever path she chooses, we sincerely hope that she will be able to attract people around her with her human ability, and that she will be able to achieve a certain happiness and work for the good of Japan.

  • PHOTO. Representative photo/Reuters/Afro

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