I thought it would make a good story! The startling contents of the “live broadcast phone call” from the “Lamborghini robbery”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

I thought it would make a good story! The startling contents of the “live broadcast phone call” from the “Lamborghini robbery”.

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A mug shot of the suspect Kikuchi on a social networking site. She used to call herself “Chika Aoki.

It was after 10 p.m. on December 11 last year when the reporter received a call on her cell phone from an unknown number.

The caller said, “You are from Friday, aren’t you? I need to talk to you urgently.

The man on the other end of the line, who did not give his name, began. He said, “It’s urgent,” but his tone was strangely calm. When the reporter wondered what he was talking about, the man continued.

There is a big group called 00 that is running a Ponzi scheme. I went to the house of one of their executives, a man named ▢▢, and I’ve been locking him up in handcuffs. He is in Tokyo. He’s a really dangerous guy, and he won’t talk at all. I’m trying to get him to talk.

In my profession, it is not unusual for me to receive phone calls from strangers, but this time the content was so cryptic that I could not make sense of it. Was it some kind of information or a malicious prank? …… When the reporter asked the purpose of the call, the man said, “This is a story, isn’t it?

I thought this could be a story.”

It was not until about three months later that we learned the meaning of this phone call.

On March 13, Shinjuku Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Chiken Kikuchi, 29, of unknown residence and occupation, on suspicion of burglary and arrest and confinement.

The arrests were made against four men and four women, including the suspect Chiken Kikuchi. From the night of December 11 to early morning of December 12 last year, the suspects handcuffed and confined a company executive in his 30s, accusing him of ‘committing fraud. They are suspected of taking him to four locations, including his apartment, and robbing him of 1,070,000 yen in cash, a wristwatch, and a Lamborghini Uracán, a luxury sports car worth 20 million yen.

The crime was triggered by a consultation with Kikuchi by the victim’s girlfriend. The woman asked Kikuchi, whom she had met through Instagram, if she could find out if her boyfriend was a fraudster and if she could have him punished.

In response, Kikuchi called the male victim to the woman’s home, showed him a knife, punched him several times in the face, and restrained him. The suspect is alleged to have asked the man if he was committing fraud and how much money he had. and “How much money do you have? They then moved with the woman and others to the man’s apartment to “search for evidence of fraud,” and robbed the man of his possessions, money in his safe, watch, car, and other items. The reason it took so long to arrest Kikuchi was that the suspect fled to France after the crime. After his arrest, Kikuchi stated that he did it for the victims of the fraud.

The caller who called the reporter at the beginning of this article was the suspect, Kikuchi. The suspect was calling from the scene of the crime. Kikuchi’s “live broadcast of the crime” continued as follows.

I’m at [the victim’s] house right now, and I’m trying to catch him. Can’t you come over? This thing flies when I release it. We can’t release it either. We’re talking about paying him money to pay for the damage or turning him in to the police, but (he) is being the kind of con artist who is very open and honest, saying, ‘It’s not a scam.

When the reporter asked him if he was going to contact the police, he replied, “If I do that, I won’t be able to get the money, so it’s a last resort or ……,” he said.

I was rather wondering what I should do. A little bit of outside support, like …….”

When the reporter told him that he could not get involved, the suspect Kikuchi only replied regretfully, ” Oh. When finally asked his name, he replied, “This is Aoki,” and the call was disconnected. Aoki is a pseudonym of Kikuchi.

I had met the suspect Kikuchi, who called himself a famous influencer, once several years ago through an acquaintance, and at that time he also called himself “Chiken Aoki. I gave him my business card, but I judged him to be a person of dubious background and had no contact with him since then. He had not been in contact with the suspect since then, and we wondered if he wanted to “brag about his crime” by suddenly calling him from the scene of the crime. ……

After the arrest, the reporter tried calling Kikuchi on his cell phone, but not even a ring rang.

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