The Sad and Broken View of Love of an Office Worker with a College Degree who was in a Relationship with a “Ghastly Adulterer” While Being Deceived by Him | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Sad and Broken View of Love of an Office Worker with a College Degree who was in a Relationship with a “Ghastly Adulterer” While Being Deceived by Him

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<Answers, a relationship counseling center, receives many requests for advice on infidelity every day. In the first part of this report, we introduced a woman who had never been in a relationship before, who was forced into a relationship by a married man who was one year older than her. How did this affair end?

Drowning in the swamp of infidelity…

Generally speaking, if you talk to someone close to you about your love affair or cheating, you will most likely be told, “You shouldn’t do that. The closer you are, the less support you will get for this form of love.

But if you can stop because people tell you not to, then you have already said goodbye long ago, and all of you are still in a state of distress because you love each other.

We are rarely consulted by people who want us to judge whether or not they are in the right relationship. We also try to focus in our phone consultations not on the right or wrong of infidelity, but on what you want to do with the person you love.

However, in Mayumi’s case, the problem is not that he is married, but that he is not treating her properly and that she herself is not able to judge that the way he is treating her now is “not normal”.

I thought it is most important for Mayumi to realize this, and then she should decide whether to continue this relationship or break it off.

First, we identified his words and actions in various situations.

His statements
I love only Mayumi.
Other women are not as good as Mayumi.
Only Mayumi makes me nervous.
Mayumi is jealous of him, and he is happy to feel the depth of her affection.

His behavior
“He never comes to see Mayumi and always calls her.
“Mayumi almost always pays for the date.”
He disappears without Mayumi in the middle of the date.
“He almost never calls or calls her on LINE.”

To Mayumi…

“It’s easy to say things that are not what you really mean, so please pay attention to her actions, not her words. Actions cannot lie. If he cares about Mayumi-san, he would be willing to do things that would be troublesome and costly for himself in terms of effort, time, and money. Let’s observe if such behavior is present or not.”

I told him.

To be honest, it took me quite a while to get him to recognize the difference between “being loved” and “being treated conveniently” and that his words and actions were not consistent.

To make it easier to understand and visualize, I compared it to the love directed by family members or parents. However, Mayumi’s father has been living with his mistress elsewhere for years and has not seen her for a long time now, and has only been involved in financial support for as long as she can remember.

Mayumi may have had too few opportunities to learn what it means to be loved.

There seems to be an increasing number of cases where people do not have an environment to learn about love, and end up falling in love and consuming only their bodies without a good understanding of the concept.

Mayumi finally realized that she wanted to be treated kindly, treated with consideration, loved, and cared for more, and decided to end her “gay affair.

I hope that from now on she will meet someone who will let her experience the feelings of being loved and fulfilled properly.

  • Text by Shoko Mizusawa

    Shoko Mizusawa is an active romance agent, adultery diagnostician, adultery consultant, and matching appraiser who works as a counselor at ANSWERS, a telephone consultation service. Her curriculum series, which drills the know-how and techniques she has acquired in the field of romance work, is also very popular.

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