The source of his behavior is excitement… A young prodigy chef in Ginza, the motive for his “several hours of early morning indecency with a junior female colleague”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The source of his behavior is excitement… A young prodigy chef in Ginza, the motive for his “several hours of early morning indecency with a junior female colleague”.

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A “young genius cook” arrested on indecent exposure charges.

A man with a round-cropped head was slumped over in the backseat of a police vehicle. The arrested “young genius chef” did not have the aura that attracts many celebrities to his restaurant.

On March 27, the Honjo Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced the arrest of a 25-year-old restaurant manager, Fuma Saki, on suspicion of breaking and entering and indecent assault. Saki is the head chef at Izuku, a high-end kappo restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. The chef of the famous restaurant, which was frequented by politicians, executives of major corporations, celebrities, and other celebrities, allegedly sexually assaulted a female acquaintance.

The incident took place early this January, around 6:00 a.m. The suspect, Saki, entered an apartment in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, where a woman in her 20s, A, who was a junior in high school and worked at another restaurant, lived. The apartment was an auto-locking type, but he entered after seeing other residents entering and leaving.

The suspect entered Ms. A’s room through the unlocked door. Ms. A consulted the police. Ms. A consulted the police, who arrested the suspect and told them, “I was drunk, so I don’t remember. I will talk to my lawyer when he comes.

Winner of numerous awards since high school

Young genius chef” arrested on indecent assault charges

A native of Mie Prefecture, Saki is a chef who has attracted attention since he was a child; when he was 4 years old, a local newspaper reported that he wrote his wish on a strip of paper for the Tanabata Festival: “I want green tea ice cream and a friend.

He went on to high school where he majored in food preparation and was the head of the “Culinary Club.” Since his student days, he has won more than 30 awards, including the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award in the Seafood Cooking Competition sponsored by the National Federation of Fishery Cooperative Associations. 17 years old, he introduced Japanese food such as nigiri sushi with Matsusaka beef at the Milan Expo in Italy. He had a bright future ahead of him,” said an editor of a gourmet magazine.

At the age of 23, Saki opened Izuku after training at Kyoto Kitcho and other restaurants and gaining recognition for his skills. The restaurant has only a counter with eight seats. Reservations are required, and a single person can expect to pay no less than 50,000 yen if they order sake and other items. A man who works near Izuku said, “Because it’s by appointment only, we can’t say ‘I’m not a fan of this restaurant.

Because it is by reservation only, IZUKU has had neither a sign nor the name of the restaurant on the building index since its opening. During business hours, there were always Rolls Royces, Maybachs, and other luxury cars parked there.

As mentioned above, most of the customers are celebrities, including the presidents of large corporations. In his video, Saki said, “The main source of my behavior is excitement and fun. The media praised him as a “young culinary genius” and a “handsome chef.

The media praised him as a “young culinary genius” and a “handsome chef,” but the attention he received seemed to have put more pressure on him. The suspect is said to be a serious person who is devoted to cooking. I heard that he often tried to forget the pressure by drinking alcohol. If Saki’s statement is true, he was drunk until morning on the day of the incident. But of course, just because he was under a lot of stress is no reason for him to be allowed to indecently assault a woman.

Due to his mistaken perception and actions, Mr. Saki has lost the status he had built up at a young age.

The “young genius chef” arrested on indecent assault charges
The building in Ginza where “Izuku” was located.
The name of the restaurant is not written on the index of the building because it is by reservation only.
The Ginza building that housed Izuku
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