I thought there would be a panic with the flood of “iron geeks”…! Why JR responded to the “Doctor Yellow” ride with a “divine response”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

I thought there would be a panic with the flood of “iron geeks”…! Why JR responded to the “Doctor Yellow” ride with a “divine response”?

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A trial ride of the Shinkansen inspection train “Doctor Yellow” was held between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka on March 22 and 23.

Doctor Yellow is a special vehicle that inspects the tracks, overhead wires, and other equipment on all sections of the Tokaido Shinkansen and Sanyo Shinkansen lines. Because the operating schedule is not announced and it is not known when and where the train will be running, it is said that seeing the bright yellow train will bring “good luck.

This is the first time in history that the general public has been able to experience a ride on a Doctor Yellow. The lottery held in advance drew 20,000 applicants, 100 times more than the limit of 200.

Many families rushed to the event to catch a glimpse of the “Doctor Yellow.

There were fears that the train fans would rush to the station and cause a panic if they were sure to see the “phantom train,” but surprisingly, it was peaceful on the platform at Tokyo Station. A man in his 20s who came to take pictures revealed, “Of course there were many fans.

Of course there were many fans, and the platform was crowded with families. But there was no moment when I was pushed by people or felt in danger. The JR Tokai people’s guidance and the station staff’s security were excellent. The people who won the lottery and actually boarded the Doctor Yellow were protected by as many JR PR people as they were. There were many station staff on the platform as well, and they were always shouting out warnings such as “Please don’t push,” and “There are small children on the platform, so please don’t cross the yellow line.

A photographer in his 40s living in Tokyo who took time off work to photograph the Doctor Yellow trains said he tried to get a good shot on the platform.

I was expecting Tokyo Station to be filled with iron geeks today, but the atmosphere was peaceful with more children than I expected. When the Doctor Yellow came into the platform, there was a big cheer and the reflection of the …… yellow color brightened up the whole platform, which was very beautiful.”

In the photos taken by the man, there are children looking at the train on his shoulders and families taking pictures with Doctor Yellow, a very heartwarming scene.

Parents and children take pictures without confusion, guided by station staff.

A man with a child from Hokkaido said he was happy to be able to show his 2-year-old child the Doctor Yellow.

He said, “I took time off work today to come here with my child from Hokkaido just for this. Yellow is a color that brings happiness, like in “Shiawase no Kiiroi Hankachi” (The Yellow Handkerchief of Happiness). It made me feel very happy. My child wants to ride Doctor Yellow when he grows up, so I want to make his dream come true.

It seems that the JR staff’s divine response made it possible for them to meet their “happiness” safely.

I thought there would be a panic among the iron geeks…! JR Tokai employees showed “divine response” at the “Doctor Yellow” ride.
It seems that the “happiness” was met safely by the divine response of the JR Tokai staff.

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