Gershie cries: Please don’t let me be a kanban, The day I disappear from social networking sites, as well as arrest | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gershie cries: Please don’t let me be a kanban, The day I disappear from social networking sites, as well as arrest

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Normally a “bullish” suspect, Gershie “cried” during the raid on his father’s house… (from his official YouTube channel)

Crying won’t help. ……

The police are becoming more active. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has raided the home of Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. “Garcy,” who has an arrest warrant out for violating the Violent Acts Punishment Law (habitual threats) and other charges.

The Metropolitan Police Department raided several related parties in January of this year, but this time it was because they suspected that part of the proceeds from the video distribution was obtained through an account in the name of his sister.

In response to the news report, he streamed the video on Instagram,

Please give me a break, please give me a break, please give me a break, please give me a break. What do you get if you arrest and detain a 70-something year old man? My father committed suicide, and now I’m a criminal too, and I don’t want to make my kan suffer any more. I don’t know anything, really.

I really don’t know anything,” he said tearfully.

Many people, even those who are not anti-survivors, were stunned by this, and the Internet was filled with tears.

I don’t understand what you are crying about.
“I don’t understand what you’re crying about.”
“It’s my own fault that I caused trouble for my mother in the first place.”

It’s my own fault for causing trouble for my father.

In addition, fans cannot hide their confusion at the fact that Gershie, who had been so aggressive and agitated the police, suddenly began to take a weak stance, and many are pointing out that these tears are “fake crying.

Gershie has long been known for his “exposé” attacks that extend to the periphery of his targets,

We start from the outer moat. He has said before, “We start from the outer moat, and attack the weak points, the Achilles’ heel, such as the wife and children of the target. People don’t like that.

In his book, “Even If You Die, You Still Live.

A person who is strong in a fight is not afraid of losing.

In his book, “If You Die, You Die

“This is the vital point, this is the only part I don’t want to be attacked, and this is the part I want to protect. If your half-hearted weakness is revealed to the target, you will end up getting the better of him.

He also revealed the secret of fighting. But this time, he revealed his “kan,” the kryptonite. ……

If he had come home quickly, apologized to the Diet, and been interviewed by the police, he wouldn’t be on the “international wanted list,” he said. I don’t think it’s fair to say that now, but former NHK party leader Takashi Tachibana also said, “It would be better if he came back.

Perhaps he has more crimes to be charged with. He may be afraid that he will be imprisoned without a suspended sentence.

If he is arrested, he will not be able to use social networking services and his income will be cut off. But even if he is not arrested, he may soon disappear from social networking sites.

“Recently, there has been no significant exposure, and the salon has lost its raison d’être, so it seems that some members are dropping out. Fans who thought he was a dark hero but see him crying, “I’m afraid of arrest,” or “Don’t do this to me, just not to my father,” are likely to pull away. It will be difficult to make money at the salon.

The fact that his social networking accounts were banned (frozen) one after another at a certain point indicates that a very large force was at work. Even recently, Mr. Garcey’s Instagram live-streaming function was stopped.

Incidentally, the live broadcast scheduled for the 26th was postponed due to his poor health. The salon continues to be in a state of maintenance.

Which will come first, his arrest or his disappearance from SNS? Either way, it doesn’t seem that far off. ……

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