Kimpuri’s Shiyoh Hirano “under fire in South Korea” is doomed to join the BTS office, and fans are disappointed “behind the scenes”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kimpuri’s Shiyoh Hirano “under fire in South Korea” is doomed to join the BTS office, and fans are disappointed “behind the scenes”.

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Shiyoh Hirano of “King & Prince” has caused a firestorm in Korea for his comments…

Shiyoh Hirano of Johnny’s popular group “King & Prince,” aka “Kimpuri,” has made a terrible blunder. (NTV), which aired on March 18, some Koreans have voiced their opposition to what he said.

Hirano visited Korea on location for “Quiz Burari Hirano-kun. At the beginning of the film, Hirano dashed to the camera from “I SEOUL U,” an objet d’art in Seoul, and suddenly said

Thank you.

in Chinese for some reason. After that, he revealed that it was his first visit to Korea and said, “I didn’t realize how tall the buildings are.

I was surprised to see tall buildings. I thought it would be more like snowy mountains.

I thought it would be more snowy mountains. When asked about his Korean, he replied

I love you,” he said in Chinese again.

I love you,” he said again in Chinese. When asked about the capital city

I ignored Seoul.

and ignored Seoul. He also answered “berry,” the unit of currency (won).

Hirano, who was trying to be funny, not only slipped up this time, but also appeared to be “rude” in the eyes of the Koreans. On the Korean Internet, the following comments were made.

“This is too rude.
“Is this supposed to be funny?
“Is this supposed to make me laugh?

For Hirano, who will be leaving Johnny’s after leaving KIMPURI in May, this was a big “loss” in Korea, one of the most important markets for him.

Hirano’s statement will remain as a digital tattoo. The BTS has been unable to perform vigorously in Japan since they wore clothing that made fun of the atomic bombing of Japan. Even though it was a variety show, their comments are likely to have a lasting impact.

Some of the avid fans of Kimpli, a.k.a. “tiaras,” are angry at the show for not editing out the offending remarks.

One of the most avid fans of Kim K-pop, a.k.a. “Tiara,” as she is known, is furious that the program did not edit out the offending comment. It seems that anyone involved in the media would have some idea of the feelings of Koreans toward China and so on. …… There are rumors that Hirano, who will eventually quit Johnny’s, may have loosened his checks in this area.

There is another reason for Tiara’s sadness. The reason is that expectations that Hirano would join a Korean office after leaving the group have suddenly dwindled.

In February, the news site NEWS POST SEVEN published an article titled “Shiyoh Hirano Celebrates 26th Birthday in Korea, Fans Uproar at Sightings in Seoul. Hirano stayed in Korea from January 27 to 31 and was spotted by many fans. The article also reported that Hirano was rumored to have transferred to HYBE, a major agency to which BTS and other popular K-pop artists belong, on the occasion of his visit to Korea.

The Tierras were very excited about this. It is sad to see him leave Japan, but joining HYBE is perfect for Hirano, who is aiming for global expansion. Some Tiaras even sent emails directly to HYBE asking, ‘Really? Some tiaras even sent e-mails directly to HYBE, asking, “Really?

However, the recent tongue-twister incident revealed that the reason she was in Korea was not to negotiate with HYBE, but to be on location for a TV show. No wonder some Tiaras are disappointed.

Not only that, it resulted in increasing the number of anti …… in Korea. The dream of seeing Kim K-pri Hirano alongside BTS seems to have vanished for the time being.

However, if she has as much potential as Hirano, other entertainment agencies will not leave her alone. The focus of attention will probably be on what kind of contact she will have with Hideaki Takizawa, a.k.a. “Tackey,” who has established a new agency. They share a common “mentor” in Mr. Kitagawa Janney,” said a music industry insider.

What will Hirano’s decision be?

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