Mai’s wall…” NHK morning drama “Soar! The existence of “Hiromi Nagasaku and Masaki Suda” who made Haruka Fukuhara take a leap forward in NHK’s morning drama “Soar! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mai’s wall…” NHK morning drama “Soar! The existence of “Hiromi Nagasaku and Masaki Suda” who made Haruka Fukuhara take a leap forward in NHK’s morning drama “Soar!

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With only one week left until the final episode of “Soar! Heroine Haruka Fukuhara

There is only one week left in the morning drama “Soar! (NHK), starring Haruka Fukuhara, has one week left. As the final week approaches, netizens are praising the heroine’s growth and development in overcoming the headwinds.

In this morning drama, the heroine, Mai, grew up in Higashi-Osaka, a manufacturing town, and awoke to a dream of flying in the sky and becoming a pilot, but her father died suddenly. She and her mother, Megumi, rebuild the factory her father left behind, and the story vividly depicts her encountering a new dream and taking flight.

Mai, who was frail and unable to express her feelings as a child, overcomes obstacles and discovers a new self. In fact, Fukuhara himself confesses that he was ‘a child who could not express his own opinions.

Ritsutoki Kumano, the production supervisor who selected Fukuhara for the audition, said, “Although Fukuhara’s strong will to play Mai was conveyed, the way she conveyed that will was not hot and energetic, but rather soft and warmly cheerful,” which overlapped with her character. The chief director also commented that Fukuhara “plays the heroine we have in mind in a naturalistic way. Mai is exactly the role that Fukuhara is suited for,” said a producer from the production company.

Fukuhara was a great actress in “Mai” after the crank-up of “Soar! appeared in a live “Premium Talk” program on NHK’s “Asa Ichi” on March 17 after the crank-up of “Soar! While talking about her memories with her co-stars, Hiromi Nagasaku, who played her mother Megumi, appeared on the VTR. When asked about a memorable scene with Mai, she mentioned the scene where she decides to close down her family’s factory, which brought tears to her eyes.

Mai said, “Are you really quitting the factory?

Megumi nodded.

Mai said, “We’ve worked so hard to protect the factory for so long. If we sell it now…”

Megumi “There is no other way.

Mai asks her mother, who confides her painful feelings with a devilish expression on her face. Nagasaku saw the performance and said

“I had a fight with Mai for the first time,” he said.

I felt she was really serious about it. I could feel Mai’s growth as well as Fukuhara-san’s will, and I thought that was the scene where she grew the most. Her feelings reached us.

Looking back on that time, I was fascinated by the tears of Hiromi Nagasaku as she looked up to the heavens.

Speaking of Fukuhara, from the ages of 10 to 15, she appeared on the children’s cooking show “Cookin’ Idol Ai! Mai! Ma’in! (NHK Educational channel) from the age of 10 to 15, where she played the role of “Main-chan” and took the world by storm. Later, she became the voice of Cure Custard in the popular anime “Kira Kira Kira Pretty Cure A La Mode” (TV Asahi), where she attracted attention as a beautiful girl with a clear and transparent face.

However, Fukuhara experienced firsthand that this image can get in the way of becoming a full-fledged actress.

In the drama “Rental Messiah” (NTV) in 2004, Fukuhara took on the challenge of acting in a completely different way, including an unfamiliar rap and shaking her E-cup breasts while stuffing towels over her chest. In her first starring role in the drama “Good Morning Call” (Fuji Television Network) in 2005, she repeatedly tried her hand at kissing scenes, and before turning 20 years old, she began to break out into an adult actress.

She also tried her hand at being a comedienne in “Futari Monologue” (Abema TV), a drama series for distribution in which she played the lead role. However, none of these attempts had much of an impact.

At this rate, she will never become an actress who leaves her mark. The drama “3nen A-gumi: From Now on, You Are All Hostages” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) blew away such thoughts of Fukuhara. In this work, Fukuhara grabs the hearts of viewers.

This is a school mystery set in a high school about to graduate where the homeroom teacher of Class 3A, Hiiragi Issyo (Masaki Suda), takes the whole class hostage and makes the students think about the truth behind the death of their classmate Kageyama Miona (Kamihiraishi Moetaka). Fukuhara plays Ryone Mizukoshi, a former swim team member with a dark romantic streak. Because of her past experience of being expelled from the swim team for unreasonable reasons, she decides that the advisor is the mastermind behind the fake video related to Miona’s suicide, and tries to post the accusatory video on the Internet.

However, the advisor is not the mastermind, and Issyo expresses his anger at Ryone, who mumbles, “Thank goodness” that the accusatory video was prevented. Fukuhara’s face scrunched up and he trembled as he watched Sugata’s ghastly performance, and his tears welled up in his eyes.

Since then, she has left her mark in the special drama “Kyobo II” (Fuji TV), starring Takuya Kimura, and won first place in the “Next Breaking – Actresses” competition released in 2009. She continued to appear in dramas such as “Yuru Can △” series (TV Tokyo), “Unlucky Girl! (NTV) and “Masanao Fudosan” (NHK), and finally won the heroine role in the morning drama “Soar! (NTV), and “Honest Real Estate” (NHK), and finally landed the heroine role in the morning drama “Soar!

Nagasaku says that she has been playing Megumi while telling herself that she would be “Mai’s wall. Actress Haruka Fukuhara may need another “wall” to stand out from Masaki Suda and Hiromi Nagasaku.

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