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Sakura Ando & Asami Mizukawa & Haruka Kiminami & Kaho… “Hot & Happy Shots” of “Brush Up Life” Actresses

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Haruka Kiminami and Hiroshi Tamaki got married in June ’18.

Brush Up Life” (NTV) was the overwhelmingly popular drama of the January season.

This is the 16th TV/distributed drama scripted by Bakarhythm (47), and is a human drama based on the motif of reincarnation and time leap. The relationships between the four women who are close friends change subtly as they are reincarnated multiple times, and the many questions about life, happiness, and death are scattered throughout the laughter, creating a high quality drama that you cannot take your eyes off of for even a moment. It was Bakarhythm’s best work ever, and was so highly acclaimed that it was called ‘Reiwa’s most wonderful work.

Not only Sakura Ando (37), who played the lead role of Mami Kondo, but also her four close friends, Asami Mizukawa (39), Haruka Kiminami (37), and Kaho Kaho (31), all shined in this drama. The four, who ultimately lived to the average life expectancy in the film, said, “Why don’t we just leave it as it is?

They said, “Why don’t you just stay like this? Let’s live together when we become grandmothers!

The scene showed the future four laughing and enjoying each other’s company in a super high-tech nursing home,

The social networking sites said, “The conversation between the four is so realistic, and they seem to be really close in their private life, so it was fun to watch.

The drama can be enjoyed as many times as you want to watch it.

The drama is a drama that the viewer can enjoy over and over again,” and the praise for the drama is endless. It is probably rare that a drama has made viewers feel so happy. Although the love story of the four close friends was not depicted in the drama, this magazine has caught glimpses of their happy “personal lives.

Haruka Kiminami and Hiroshi Tamaki’s first shot as a couple (December 20, 2007 issue).

This is the only time we have ever seen the two of them together.

Kiminami and Hiroshi Tamaki (43) got married in June ’18. It was on a street near Yoyogi Park that we spotted their first two-shot. A large SUV pulled up in a parking lot, and Tamaki got out of the driver’s seat, wearing a T-shirt and exposing his arms like a martial artist, even though it was November. Kiminami got out of the passenger seat wearing a wide-brimmed hat and looking elegant. The two finished shopping at a nearby store, got back into the car, and drove away. It was a fleeting moment, but you can tell from the photo that they were in a good mood.

Asami Mizukawa and Masataka Kubota’s first scoop was a drive date (December 22, ’17 issue).

On November 26, 2005, just after 8 p.m., Asami Mizukawa and Masataka Kubota went for a drive from their “love nest. They drove down the main street in the open under the cold weather.

It was in 2005 that this magazine scooped the relationship between Asami Mizukawa and Masataka Kubota (34). Kubota was at the wheel of a convertible car coming out of Mizukawa’s house. The two developed a relationship after co-starring in that year’s summer drama “Bokutachi ga Yatte” (Fuji Television Network). They began living together at Mizukawa’s home. Less than 10 minutes into their drive, Mizukawa noticed this magazine and smiled. After a while, she took out her smartphone and pointed the camera lens at us. Two years later, in September 2007, they were married.

Kaho and Daichi Watanabe’s love affair (March 11, 2010 issue)

They were both dressed in black and blue, which was a similer look

The man Kaho fell in love with was Daichi Watanabe (32), the vocalist of the popular band “Black Cat Chelsea” and a fast-rising individualistic actor. The two became acquainted when they co-starred as a married couple in the movie “Blue Hour ni Batsuha” released in ’19. They had been dating as friends since then, but suddenly got close to each other in the fall of the year before last. It seems that they have developed into a serious relationship. Their lovey-dovey relationship can be seen in their photos.

Sakura Ando and Tasuku Emoto (36)

Sakura Ando on location for “Brush Up Your Life

They are now one of the most beautiful married couples in the entertainment industry, and are also a couple of super actors. Recently, their move to Kyoto has become a topic of conversation, and Ando has been posting photos of the two of them on Instagram.

Many people have expressed their desire to see a sequel to “Brush Up Your Life,” and I would love to see a love story between the four of them this time.

Tamaki and Kiminami give off the aura of a celebrity couple.
Mizukawa is a natural at playing roles that have a shadowy quality to them. The way she appeared in the current drama also gave off a shadowy vibe at first.
Kaho and Daichi Watanabe
Ando Sakura and Kaho on location
A couple shot at the Japan Academy Prize ceremony (from her Instagram @sakuraando)
The four close friends (from Sakura Ando’s Instagram @sakuraando)
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