A “Marriage with a Shanghai Man” Theory? A “popular Japanese actress” declares her retirement, and her fans in China are in turmoil. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A “Marriage with a Shanghai Man” Theory? A “popular Japanese actress” declares her retirement, and her fans in China are in turmoil.

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Ebisu★Muscats, formed by sexy actresses, is also popular in China. Mikami joined the group in 2016 (PHOTO: AFRO)

On March 13, popular sexy actress Yua Mikami (29) announced on her YouTube channel “Yua Channel! Yua Mikami Official Youtube,” announced that she would retire from porn acting before turning 30.

In Japan, it became such a hot topic that it trended on Twitter, but the repercussions were not limited to the domestic market. It has even spread to neighboring South Korea, China, and Taiwan. Especially on the Chinese SNS “weibo,” the hashtag “Yua Mikami announces her retirement (三上悠亜宣布引退)” has become a hot topic with more than 15.8 million views.

Japanese sexy actresses are very popular in China, and Sora Aoi is revered as “Aoi Roshi (teacher),” but Mikami is also called “Mikami Roshi” by netizens. Mikami’s account on Weibo is in disarray, but “Mikami Yuua yua-” with the personal authentication mark has more than 120,000 followers.

On Weibo, as in Japan, a video announcing her retirement was posted on the 13th. Although there was no Chinese translation, many netizens wrote regretful comments such as “I can’t believe I won’t see the old master anymore (tears)” and “Old master, I am waiting for you to come back. On the other hand, we also noticed many other comments. On the other hand, there was another comment.

I heard you got a boyfriend.
You are going to marry a Shanghai man, aren’t you?

In other words, she is retiring because she is marrying a Shanghainese. The basis for this is a photo of Mikami and a man that has been circulating on Weibo. The man lives in Shanghai and posted a two-shot photo in a group on Weixin, the Chinese version of LINE. The photo was leaked on Weibo.

The date of the photo is December 25, 2022, or Christmas Day, and its location is given as “SHIBUYA SKY,” an observatory facility in Tokyo. The Taiwanese media outlet ETtoday (Newspaper Cloud) (March 16) claims that the photo was taken only because the man attended a paid event and had it taken, but many people on the Internet believe the marriage. Mikami’s frequent visits to Shanghai, including a one-day stint as manager of a Japanese restaurant in Shanghai in ’17, also seem to have had an impact.

A Japanese event promoter living in Shanghai said.

A Japanese event promoter living in Shanghai says, “Japanese sexy actresses are more popular in China than Japanese people think. Before Corona, wealthy people used to visit Japan just to have a luxurious time with sexy actresses, and for them, having a relationship with a sexy actress is a kind of status.

After retiring, will she go full-fledged into China?

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