She said, “I’m getting used to life.”…Celebration! Aya Ueto “pregnant with her third child”, a family group photo seen by this magazine. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

She said, “I’m getting used to life.”…Celebration! Aya Ueto “pregnant with her third child”, a family group photo seen by this magazine.

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Ueto walking with her daughter near a park in April ’20.

Aya Ueto (37) has found out that she is pregnant with her third child, “Sunspot” reported. She has already entered the stable stage and is expected to give birth in the summer. Ueto married Hiro (53) of “EXILE” on September 14, 2012, her 27th birthday. She gave birth to her first child, a daughter (7), in August 2003, and her second child, a son (3), in July ’19.

Ueto, who has steadily built up his career as an actor in the meantime, plays the role of a pregnant woman who supports the main character played by Masaki Aiba (40) of Arashi by coincidence in the April 9 broadcast of “Hitoribochi Hitori to Hito to Hito wo Tsunagu Ai no Monogatari” (TBS). Both their private and public lives are smooth sailing, but Ueto and his wife had many “crises” in the past.

For two to three years after the birth of their first daughter, there were many whispers that they were not getting along and that they were on the verge of a divorce. Ueto has been saving his work to support the family, while HIRO is busy with his producing business as the president of LDH, the office of the “EXILE” group. They continued to have differences, and it was reported that Ueto suspected that Hiro was cheating on Ueto, leading to a big fight.

However, this magazine witnessed the three members of the family in a friendly atmosphere. In September 2006, at night in Daikanyama (Shibuya Ward). Ueto and Hiro, with their 3-year-old daughter on their shoulders, were walking happily in the evening with friends and family. An acquaintance of Ueto’s told us about the couple at that time,

A friend of Ueto’s said of the couple at the time, “HIRO became chairman of LDH in 2005, which probably gave him more time to spend with his family. Recently, he seems to be spending more time with his family than he did at one time. HIRO has listened to Ueto’s wish that he be there for her more as a husband and father to her daughter.

He said. The following year, their second child, a son, was born. In April 2008, Ueto, his mother, and their two children were seen enjoying themselves in a park in Shibuya Ward. In an interview with “Bi-ST ONLINE” published on March 26, Ueto talked about her child rearing, saying, “My children are 7 and 3 years old.

My children are now 7 and 3 years old, I have started making their lunch boxes, and I am finally getting used to life with two children. No one else can take the place of a mother, so right now my first priority is raising my children, and I’m trying to maintain a good balance between work and home life so that they won’t feel lonely.


I can’t say that I can balance work and private life, but the reason why the staff around me respects me now is because during those busy times, I made sure to tell them that I wasn’t satisfied with that situation and they understood me. I believe that’s why they don’t bother me.

At the time of this interview, Ueto was probably aware that she was pregnant with her third child. Ueto’s beauty only gets better with age, and we wonder what she will look like in her role as a pregnant woman in the April 9 broadcast.

Ueto walking near the park with his daughter.
Ueto at a commercial presentation, tucking into udon noodles. June ’22
Aya Ueto is reportedly pregnant with her third child.
Aya Ueto is reportedly pregnant with her third child.
Aya Ueto reportedly pregnant with third child
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