Crying over his father” is an appeal…Gershie’s share of “over 1.9 billion yen in annual sales” is mostly in his “sister’s account. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Crying over his father” is an appeal…Gershie’s share of “over 1.9 billion yen in annual sales” is mostly in his “sister’s account.

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Gershey cried on his social networking site when he thought of his “okan” (from his official YouTube channel)…

I’m not sure if my 77-year-old mother is involved in this. What do you get out of catching and detaining a 77 year old mother?”

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. “Garcy,” on suspicion of habitually threatening actor Go Ayano and others. His parents’ house was raided, and he was arrested on the grounds that “his mother had nothing to do with it. The “big reason” for the police raid seems to have been the flow of funds to his sister.

The proceeds from Gershie’s video distribution went into the account of the representative of the company and were then distributed to the other members of the company.

The sister had been living at home until about two months ago, which may have been the reason for the search of the family home. Gershie said that there was no way his mother was involved, but he did not say that his sister was not involved. If the money obtained through habitual blackmailing had flowed into an account in someone else’s name, of course the police would not have missed it.

In his videos, Gershie had previously revealed that his father, a teacher, had committed suicide due to gambling. He said that he does not want to cause trouble for his mother, who is going through a lot of heartache.

Gershie, who has always been provocative and aggressive toward the police and politicians, finally “cried wolf” when his mother was attacked.

The founder of 2channel, Hiroyuki, who was also once targeted by Gershie, took to Twitter after his tearful delivery to say

After quoting Mr. Gershie as saying, “I don’t care what happens to me, just please don’t hurt me.

After quoting the statement,

Mr. Garcey the other day said, “Unlike me, he has a wife. He has an Achilles heel. If he gets attacked there, it will be the end for him, for sure.

He reiterated Gershie’s statement, “I’m not going to let him get away with it. It seems that the “Achilles heel attack” that Gershie tried to pull off was easily taken by the police, and he himself was put on the spot.

What will happen next?

I don’t know how much money was involved, but as with YouTube, the online salon’s video revenue is about 4,000 yen per month, and since there are 40,000 members, the monthly revenue is 160 million yen, and the annual sales are more than 1.9 billion yen. If Gershie’s share was going to her sister’s account, it would be possible to find out if her sister has filed a proper tax return.

Since he started YouTube in February ’22, he has to file last year’s tax return by March 15 of this year. Half of the money will be taken for taxes because the amount is so large. Also, if he has been moving funds around after the arrest warrant was issued, they will probably look into whether he violated the Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds to Prevent Money Laundering Act. ……” (national newspaper reporter)

If the suspect Gershey does not return to Japan, it is highly likely that the police will investigate and solidify the surrounding area more and more. If Gershie does not return to Japan, the police are likely to conduct more and more investigations in the surrounding area.

Which will Gershie choose?

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