The magazine has seen the true faces of “big couple” Rinya Nakamura and Asami Mizuto, who “have never gone out on a date. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The magazine has seen the true faces of “big couple” Rinya Nakamura and Asami Mizuto, who “have never gone out on a date.

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Mizuto returns home after a dinner meeting with her colleagues. She has been inducted into the “Favorite Female Announcer Ranking” Hall of Fame, and is one of Nippon TV’s most popular announcers.

Although both of us are inexperienced, we will strive to put our feet on the ground while supporting each other so that we can do our jobs in a way that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

On March 25, NTV announcer Mami Mizuto (35) announced her marriage on her Instagram page. Her partner is actor Nakamura Rinya (36). Likewise, Nakamura also reported her marriage on her Twitter and on her agency’s website. Nakamura also announced the marriage on his Twitter page and on his agency’s website, saying, “Mizuto is like a spring breeze, bringing color and peace of mind into my life.”

The couple is a big couple, a Nippon TV announcer and a popular actor. The two appeared together in “Golden Manabi Week,” a campaign sponsored by Nippon TV in ’19, and have appeared together many times since then on variety shows. It is said that it was shortly after that that they began dating. Mr. Nakamura approached her through a mutual acquaintance, and they developed a relationship. It seems that they have never been on a date outside the house. They were on a high alert.

This magazine has witnessed the true face of the two on many occasions. For example, in the spring of 2007, we caught Mizutora having dinner in Ginza with Nippon TV announcer Taichi Masu (41). The two enjoyed lunch at a popular French restaurant after a friendly stroll through Ginza. In November 2008, Nakamura was spotted filming the drama “Kono Koi Atarimasu ka” (TBS) in the heart of Tokyo. She was dressed in a convenience store clerk’s uniform, and was showing an earnest performance.

In addition, this magazine has witnessed the various faces of the big couple, such as drinking with friends and at work. In celebration of their marriage, we would like to take a look back at their history together.

In 2019, Mizuto walked around Ginza with Masu, who was her senior in the announcer’s office at the time. Despite her busy schedule, she found refreshment in the company of her friends.
Nakamura filming a drama in central Tokyo in 2020. Surrounded by many security guards and staff, he looks serious.
At the end of ’19, she had a dinner party with her juniors at work. It is a gathering of friends who adore Mizuto-announcers and is called the “Mizuto-kai.” Announcers Erika Tokushima, Kyoko Gunji, and Nozomi Iwamoto were among those in attendance.
In the winter of ’19, he appeared in the drama “Nagi no Okyoku” (TBS). He played the difficult role of a “Mengera maker” who is unaware of his sexuality, and won the hearts of many female fans.
In the past, Mizuto-ana was seen without makeup. At the end of 2019, she picked up a cab on a main street near her home and headed directly to NTV in Shiodome
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