Gershey cries out, warning of “I’ll do it to the hilt” as police raid his parents’ home. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gershey cries out, warning of “I’ll do it to the hilt” as police raid his parents’ home.

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Mr. Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. Gershie, the suspect who released the weeping video. Is the countdown to his return to Japan begun… (from his official YouTube channel)

Mr. Yoshikazu Higashitani, the suspect in the case of Gershey, who is currently fleeing the country, is experiencing a change of heart.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest for defamation and violent acts (habitual threats) against actor Go Ayano and others. He is believed to be currently residing in Dubai, but the National Police Agency has requested an order to return his passport and is pushing him into a corner.

Nevertheless, Gershie has maintained a bullish attitude, saying that he had no reason to expect that he would be arrested, but he has recently had a major mental breakdown. The raid on his elderly mother’s home was conducted.

Upon hearing this news, Gershey took to Instagram on March 24 to urgently voice his concerns, saying, “Please don’t let it be my mother.

Please don’t do this to me.

and sobbed loudly. The authorities suspect that Gershey’s family home was her residence until the end of the year before last, and that the proceeds from the videos are being passed on to her relatives. Gershey said the suspect

I know it’s harassment, but what the hell is in my parents’ house? There might be pictures of you as a child, but there’s nothing there.”

He complained. He continued.

My mother is 77 years old. Please don’t let my mother be the only one. I don’t care if you call me a criminal or not, but she has nothing to do with it.

He sobbed.

The lawyer informed him that his mother’s cell phone had been disconnected. Upset by this, Gershie said, “For now, I’m just concerned about the safety of my mother.

I just want to know if Okan is safe. I want to calm down and think about it alone. ……”

He ended the emergency delivery by stating.

Tears in the eyes of Gershie, not “tears in the eyes of the devil.

It seems that Gershie’s past strong attitude is now a lie. In Gershie’s family, his father created gambling debts and committed suicide. His mother raised him and his siblings.

That is why the suspect’s love for his mother runs so deep, and the reason he started YouTube in the first place was out of anger over her involvement in the turmoil.

In a video, YouTuber Hikaru accused Gershie of “scamming” him into meeting BTS. He exposed the name “Yoshikazu Higashitani” and his home address.

This home address was the address of his parents’ house. His mother was harassed, and Gershey questioned Hikaru, who eventually apologized. When it comes to family matters, they move in blood,” said a sports newspaper reporter.

It is no wonder that Gershie is distraught because the authorities have entered the house where his mother lives. Video.

“I need to calm down and think about it alone,” he says in the video.

As he says in the video, “I want to calm down and think about it,” it is possible that he could return to his home country.

Gershey has played his mother away from him until now. She is the only one who can cry. He has repeatedly said that he has insulated himself from her and that they are estranged, but in reality he has always cared about his family. His mother knows nothing about the series of incidents and is only concerned about her son.

The suspect, Gershie, is in great shock that his mother was involved in the incidents he caused. It is certain that he is greatly shaken mentally, and there is a possibility that he will turn himself in, saying, ‘I can’t cause him any more trouble…'”

Hezuma Ryu, the original annoying YouTube star, told the suspect Gershie on Twitter

“Crying won’t get you forgiveness.

Hezuma Ryu pointed out on Twitter that “crying won’t get you forgiveness.

If you don’t want to cause trouble for your mother, you should go back to your own country right now.

He urged him to return to his home country.

The authorities showed their intent to “go all the way” on Gershie by raiding his parents’ home. The authorities have indicated that they will “take it to the limit! He now has the ball, and it remains to be seen how he will answer.

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