The internet is abuzz at the sight of Maki Ohashi’s unchanged beauty on a variety show for the first time in 22 years… A collection of images from her “peak of popularity” days. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The internet is abuzz at the sight of Maki Ohashi’s unchanged beauty on a variety show for the first time in 22 years… A collection of images from her “peak of popularity” days.

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Maki Ohashi when we interviewed her directly just before she left the company (March 23, ’01 issue). This beauty remains unchanged today.

Former Fuji Television announcer and aromatherapist Maki Ohashi (46) appeared on “Odoru! Sanma Goten! (Nippon Television Network Corporation). After retiring from Fuji Television in 2001, she has continued to make guest appearances on network programs as an aromatherapist and as a radio personality, bringing to listeners the same youthful voice she had when she was an announcer, but this was her first appearance on a terrestrial variety show in 22 years. The host, Akashiya Sanma (67), said,

I was Fuji Television’s top announcer,” he said, looking back on those days.

Ohashi looked back on that time and said, “I’ve been your best announcer for two years,

I am grateful for your support for the past two years.

Ohashi replied, “I’ve been your best announcer for two years,” and showed the same smile she had when she first attracted fans. The internet was amazed by her cute appearance.

She looked just the same as she did when she was charming her fans! Amazing!

She also looks beautiful. She looks so young.

She also looks beautiful and young.

Ohashi joined Fuji Television in 1999 and was considered one of the strongest rookie duo along with her fellow freelance announcer Kyoko Uchida (46). Ohashi’s ability was well known, and in her second year she was selected as the main anchor of “Professional Baseball News 2000. However, in March 2001, at the height of her popularity, she resigned from Fuji Television due to her health and marriage. It is a well-known story that Mr. Hisashi Hieda, the president of Fuji Television at the time, personally consoled her, saying that he wanted her to stay on.

I will support my “boyfriend” while consulting with my favorite “boyfriend” (Feb. 15, ’02 issue).

Ohashi’s surprised expression when we directly interviewed him the day after he announced his resignation

On the day after the announcement of his departure, this magazine directly interviewed Ohashi.

I have decided to live a more settled life with my boyfriend. I decided to leave the company after discussing it with my boyfriend. After all, we are family. I intend to be a family man from now on, but I would like to do some kind of work. I would like to do all of that while consulting with my boyfriend.

Whenever I asked her about anything, she always used the phrase “with my boyfriend,” her fiancé, who had been a friend of hers since their college days.

My boyfriend has a busy job, and so does my job as an announcer, and I thought it would be difficult to balance both jobs in order to support him.

At the time, it was announced that she was “leaving the company on a career-long leave,” but she later cited the fact that she had become mentally unstable due to the hard work as an announcer, among other reasons. Ohashi says that she is currently supporting her family as a mother of two children, creating seasonal fragrance products as an aromatherapist, and running a corporation based in Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture, which undertakes gardening with the elderly. This broadcast must have increased the number of viewers who wanted to see her in the spotlight once again.

Ohashi and her colleague Kyoko Uchida when she was a rookie announcer at Fuji Television Network.
Ohashi wearing a “Pro Baseball News 2000” T-shirt while covering a baseball game.
Ohashi flashes an adorable smile when directly interviewed by this magazine.
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