Towamans and Audis… Why Takumi Goto of the comedy trio “Four Thousand Head” has fallen into a situation where his “salary is less than the rent”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Towamans and Audis… Why Takumi Goto of the comedy trio “Four Thousand Head” has fallen into a situation where his “salary is less than the rent”.

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The comedy trio “Yonchitoushin” represented the “Seventh Generation. Goto (middle), who at one time was appealing to the audience with his “richness,” is…

I came here in an Audi from a townhouse. This is what you can become if you catch your dream.

Takumi Goto of the comedy trio “Four Thousand Head Body” used to say this on a TV program, and sometimes spent as much as 700,000 yen a day on shopping without hesitation. However, on March 21, he appeared live on the information variety show “Poka Poka” (Fuji TV) and confessed that his salary last month was less than the 310,000 yen rent for a townhouse.

When asked why,

I am no longer in demand. ……”

His answer was quite simple: “I’m no longer in demand. He had been living with his girlfriend in a townhouse, but that too was dissolved. Goto has returned to his parents’ home in Saitama.

He was a representative of the “Seventh Generation,” and for a while he was a big hit on variety shows. SHIMOFURI MYOJO and EXIT are still in the limelight, but Goto is certainly no longer in demand.

His partner, Ryodai Ishibashi, who was said to be the “not-so-good guy” with 4,000 heads, now specializes in soccer, muscles, and cooking, and surprised us by confessing that his salary last month was 830,000 yen. I guess it is true that “one’s art helps one’s life” (sports newspaper reporter).

Goto’s work decreased after the COVID-19 crisis, and in 2009, he said on TV that he had stopped his extravagant spending and had “stopped using double toilet paper. He regrets that he was on a good roll and that “everything was wrong.

However, Goto plays a central role in the trio as a comedian, so why has there been such a “duo gap” between the two? ……

The “overwhelming star” like Shohei Ohtani, who played a big role in the WBC, is accepted by the public, but “up-and-coming” comedians are often disliked by the public. The public is often disgusted by such “starlets.

The world has not seen a salary increase in 30 years, and Japan has one of the lowest levels of happiness in the developed world. To put it bluntly, people do not want to come home from a hard day’s work and watch “rich people bragging” on TV at home. That is why people are more likely to use self-deprecating stories and people who can speak for themselves with tongue-in-cheek, even if they are speaking for a single person or a vulnerable group.

Certainly, Hiroshi’s self-deprecation, Audrey Haruhi’s shabby apartment, and Matsuko Deluxe, who often speaks of loneliness, may be examples of such people.

However, in the entertainment industry, re-breaks are common. Goto, in particular, has a good chance of making a comeback.

Watanabe Entertainment, to which he belongs, has a much better pay distribution than Yoshimoto Kogyo, so I think that if he works hard at even small jobs, his financial problems will be easily solved. There are many programs hosted by senior staff members such as Neptune and Toshiaki Megumi, for which the office has access to the production side, so if you make use of your special skills or hobbies, you may have many opportunities to appear in related programs. The minimum requirement is that you have to be well-liked by the people at the office. …… (laughs).

Goto sold well in her early twenties and once grasped her dream, but her popularity has been diminishing. He is only 26 years old, and we hope that he will find a way to make a comeback.

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