Soar!” The reason why Yutaka Yokoyama, known as the “Barter King,” made a spectacular transition into a morning drama actor The reason why Yutaka Yokoyama, called the “Barter King,” made a spectacular transition to an actor in the morning drama series. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Soar!” The reason why Yutaka Yokoyama, known as the “Barter King,” made a spectacular transition into a morning drama actor The reason why Yutaka Yokoyama, called the “Barter King,” made a spectacular transition to an actor in the morning drama series.

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Hiroshi Yokoyama, a member of Kanjani Eight, who has greatly increased his stock in the company.

With only one week left until the end of the broadcast of NHK’s TV series “Soar! starring Haruka Fukuhara.

The script, written by a team of writers led by Ryoko Kuwabara, a poet, was generally well received by the audience, although the quality of the script varied greatly from week to week and there were a few people who dropped out of the team.

One person whose stock seems to have risen considerably through the course of the production is Yutaka Yokoyama of Kanjani Eight, who plays Yuto, the older brother of Mai, the heroine played by Fukuhara.

Yokoyama was filming the drama with Maika Yamamoto in Saitama Prefecture in March ’21 (PHOTO: Saki Hotta).

This is because Yokoyama has long been regarded by Johnny’s fans as the “barter king” of the Johnny’s office, despite having a great deal of experience in acting itself. Including criticism of his treatment, fans of Johnny’s have said that more than half of Yokoyama’s career has been as a barter for an office slot, and that he has always been treated unfairly because he is a favorite of Johnny’s. In his acting career, Yokoyama has had a series of acting jobs, but none of them have been in a position where he was the “king of barter. Among his acting career, here is a list of works that are “serial dramas” and “starred other Johnny’s actors”: ……

  • Don Wally! (1998/Fuji TV) starring Masahiko Kondo
  • P.S. Genki desu, Shumpei (1999/TBS), starring Koichi Domoto
  • Food Fight” Episode 5 (2000/NTV), starring Tsuyoshi Kusanagi
  • Rebellion Voyage” (2001/TV Asahi), starring Junichi Okada
  • Shirasen Nagashi: 25 Years Old” (2003/Fuji TV), starring Tomoya Nagase
  • Haikei, Father” (2007/Fuji TV), starring Kazuya Ninomiya
  • Yukan Club” (2007/NTV) starring Jin Akanishi
  • The Quiz Show” (2009/NTV), starring Sho Sakurai
  • Koishite Devil – Vampire Boy -” Episode 8 (2009/Fuji TV), starring Yuma Nakayama
  • Left Eye Detective EYE” (2009 and 2010/Fuji TV), starring Ryosuke Yamada
  • Harlowork for 13-year-olds” (2012/TV Asahi), starring Masahiro Matsuoka
  • Suikyu Yankees” (2014/Fuji TV) starring Yusho Nakajima

Yokoyama’s greatness lies not only in the number of films in which he has appeared, but also in the fact that he has appeared in films starring a wide range of Johnny’s actors, from Kondo Masahiko to his juniors. He has also conquered all the commercial key stations.

Also, with regard to morning dramas, they have inherited the soil cultivated by their juniors, such as Daigo Nishihata (“Gochisousan” and “Asa ga Kita”), Terushi Kiriyama (“Asa ga Kita”), Yoshiki Shomon (“Scarlet”), Ren Nagase (“Welcome Home Monet”) and Hokuto Matsumura (“Come Come Everybody”).

The only role that has not suffered from character changes and character blurring caused by the change of scriptwriters.

So why did Yokoyama get hooked on “Soar! There were several reasons. There were several reasons.

In the film’s Johnny’s slot, Ren Meguro (Snow Man), one of the best-selling actors of the moment, appeared in the “Aviation School Arc” as Hiroaki Kashiwagi, a one-time boyfriend and classmate of Mai, played by Haruka Fukuhara. However, the aviation school version was not well received because the screenplay was written by Ryoko Kuwabara, who was replaced by Uriha Shimada and Ryota Tsukuda, and the style changed drastically, becoming a generic romantic comedy school story. Kashiwagi, who always spoke from the top, was not loved by the viewers, and eventually the park where he lost his love was named “Kashiwagi Park” on SNS, which led to his disgraceful role as a laughingstock.

The role of Kashiwagi was rather a drain on the trend of Meguro’s steadily building career as an actor in the hit drama “silent” (Fuji TV), which also starred Meguro, in the October season of last year.

In such a situation, the character who has not suffered the most from the character change and character blurring caused by the change of scriptwriters, including the drastic change in style and the drop in quality, is actually Yuto.

Mai and various other characters change their personalities from one smug, insensitive character to another whenever the scriptwriter changes, partly due to the quirks of the production. However, Yuto, a clumsy character who is rational, hardworking, blunt, and poor at expressing emotions, was consistent, and we also saw him “grow up” after his father’s death and a major failure at work.

Of course, Yokoyama himself gave a good performance. The change in his restrained facial expression showed his embarrassment, happiness, frustration, and pride, and his deep affection for Mai was evident.

Yokoyama’s parents divorced when he was very young, and after his mother remarried, he had a difficult relationship with his stepfather. He also had a painful experience when his mother died at the age of 29.

His natural acting style is probably due in part to the overlap between his father’s company going bankrupt and Yuto’s father dying at a young age, and the fact that Yuto had to give up his junior high school entrance exams when his father’s company went bankrupt.

After many years of acting experience, at the age of 41, he finally found a role that only he could get into. Although he has always been in a fortunate position to be given opportunities, Yokoyama, the “barter king” who had been languishing in the next batter’s circle for many years, made a “spectacular turnaround” when he was introduced to the morning drama series. However, Yokoyama’s “brilliant turnaround” after many years of being a “barter king” in the next batter’s circle may be a faint glimmer of hope for the now shaken Johnny’s Office.

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